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Blended Orgasms

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A blended orgasm is a combined clitoral and G-spot orgasm. Osé is designed to achieve this full-bodied climax through biomimetic stimulation of both pleasure points simultaneously.

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Body Emotion

I had a more intense orgasm than I’ve ever experienced with my other toys. The sensation on my G-spot was totally different.

Beta tester

I nearly fell off my bed. I’ve never experienced a blended orgasm before and now I can’t go back.

Beta tester

Such a great orgasm! I’ve never experienced the right kind of G-spot stimulation let alone at the same time as the clitoris.

Beta tester

A totally unique orgasm and a lot more intense. It radiated throughout my whole body.

Beta tester
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How it Works

Ose device
G-Spot Massager Flexible Body Clitoral stimulator
G Spot
G-spot Massager
Mimics the touch of a partner’s finger to stroke the G-spot using a come hither motion.
Flexible body
Flexible Body
Bends to your unique anatomy for a custom fit that reaches both pleasure points.
Clitoral stimulation
Clitoral Stimulator
Replicates the sensation of the mouth and tongue over the glans clitoris while providing thrumming throughout the full body of the clitoris.
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Ose controls

Customizable controls allow you to determine the amount of stimulation for both pleasure points based on your sensitivity and desired intensity.

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Early on, Osé was awarded for its groundbreaking design and engineering. The reason is simple: our founder and CEO, Lora Haddock, is passionate about assembling diverse minds and perspectives to craft and refine our products.

Lora DiCarlo is committed to creating inclusive spaces, in the tech industry and beyond, and revolutionary products that serve diverse communities seeking a path to pleasure.

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