Because you can't
go down on yourself

Premium robotic clitoral stimulator

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It feels good to
have it all

Robotic massager for blended orgasms

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Gets right
to the point

Robotic massager for G-spot orgasms

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Inspired by human movement

Premium robotic, dual massager for blended orgasms with a clitoral stimulator and G-spot massager.

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Follows your body’s curves

Robotic massager for G-spot orgasms with a come-hither motion.

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Pleasure where you want it most

Premium robotic clitoral stimulator that mimics the touch of a partner’s mouth.

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Here’s what people are saying

’’Osé. My new best friend!’’

- Sabrina S.

’’This is the best product I’ve ever experienced in all the years of having orgasms.’’

- Lucy M.

’’Not only did I finally have a full body climax, it was a blended orgasm that woke up my appetite for pleasure.’’

- Anita P.

’’Every time I Osé, it’s a new discovery and has shifted my perspective in true self care.’’

- Michelle V.

Making news by being ourselves

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Darling of the tech industry

CES Award IHS Award Popular Mechanics Award Times Award CES 2020 Award

WellSx Coaching

Online, Private and Satisfaction Guaranteed

We don’t just make sex toys. We started a movement to empower you to own your pleasure. And now we’re delighted to offer confidential, online sexual wellness coaching to support you in your ongoing journey to do so. Our professionally trained coaches can teach you the skills and strategies you need to get more out of your sex life. More sensation, more connection, more pleasure. Ready to have the sex life you want and deserve? Book your session now.

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Get started on your journey to more
enhanced sexual experiences

Exploration leads to discovery, now that’s empowering

Knowing your body is one thing, knowing what you want and how to get it, well, that’s game changing. Level up your game with our revolutionary toys for women.

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Blended orgasms

Own your pleasure

Want to get tips on having a mind blowing blended orgasm? Maybe it feels like the thrill is gone. Routines are great when you’re trying to stay in shape or change the way you eat, but where pleasure is concerned, routines are meant to be broken and passion rediscovered. Want to get tips on having a mind blowing blended orgasm?

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Vaginal Health

Stay empowered - keep the flame alive and thrive

Has something changed in your life… childbirth, divorce, menopause? Yes, age and life circumstances play a role in sexual pleasure. But there’s no reason to give up. The more you play, the easier it is to enjoy yourself with or without a partner. Learn how to get your groove back and welcome in a new era of toys for women.

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G-Spot Orgasm

It’s legit - sex is good for you (seriously)

You’re not buying the myth that the G-Spot doesn’t exist - right? Our research shows that 43% of women are not familiar with the location of their G-Spot. Don’t be part of that crowd. Orgasms are a great way to release tension and stress. They help you sleep better and boost the immune system. Onda is a specialized toy for women that can help you discover your G-spot. Ohhh my!

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Partner Play

Better sex with your partner? Yes!

The #1 way to improve partner play is by using your words. Talk it out. Share about yourself and each other. You don’t have to own the conversation to own your orgasm. Get the conversation started with our line of luxury toys for women. We have ideas on how to start talking and keep talking!

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for pleasure


At Lora DiCarlo, we’re passionate about bringing together diverse perspectives in design, engineering and inclusivity. We believe we can have it all. And if our accolades for Osé are any indication, we’re well on our way to creating inclusive spaces in the tech industry and beyond. Lora DiCarlo products are the beginning of a whole new approach to giving everyone the right to discover unique ways to experience sexual pleasure.

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