Award winning sensations for your pleasure

Osé, Baci, and Onda take your sexual pleasure beyond numbing vibrations & feature patented technology built to mimic real human touch.

Award Winning Products

We broke the glass ceiling! Our premier product, Osé, was the first, women-focused, sex-tech product to win the Innovation Award at CES 2018. Following the success of Osé, we quickly created Osé 2, Baci, and Onda. Each of which has won CES awards.

Osé 2 is our best sex toy for women and people with vulvas looking for dual stimulation of the clitoris the g-spot. Osé 2 uses innovative stroking motions and clitoral thrumming paired with suction to give you the pleasure of a blended orgasm. Baci is our best selling clitoral suction and stimulation sex toy. It is usable for both self-pleasure and during intercourse, making it one of the best sex toys for couples. Onda is one of our most attuned g-spot stimulators on the market. Onda has the ability to pair unique stroking motions and deep strong vibrations to stimulate internal pleasure points such as the g-spot and the prostate. Onda helps you discover and explore your internal erogenous zone.

All Lora DiCarlo products come with a USB-C Charger, a high quality product storage bag, manual and a 1 yr warranty. All our products also have a one-touch feature and travel lock feature. One-touch allows you to return to all base/low power settings with out powering the product off. Our travel lock feature ensures you don't have any toys turning on by mistake while you are traveling (more information listed in your user manual.)