Best Sex Toys as Gifts for The Most Pleasurable Holiday Ever

Best Sex Toys as Gifts for The Most Pleasurable Holiday Ever

Apr 14th 2021

If the purpose of gift-giving is to make someone smile, we couldn’t think of a better gift than pure pleasure. Adult toys might not be your first thought when making your holiday gift list, but we’re here to convince you otherwise. After all—who says you have to stop getting toys just because you’ve grown up?

In our holiday gift guide, we’ll break down the giftability of pleasure devices like our own, our sustainable packaging and product materials, and highlight which ones are a great fit for your partner, your best friend, and even yourself. Consider this your holiday pleasure gift guide, no matter who you’re shopping for.

Sustainable Pleasure

First thing’s first: we can no longer afford to purchase gifts without asking how they’re packaged and where the materials came from. Climate change and pollution are two of the most pressing issues we face today, and that’s why Lora DiCarlo uses exclusively Zenpack sustainable packaging and shipping materials.

Get this: our Zenpack friends told us that while most folks know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, there are actually FIVE: two in the Pacific, two in the Atlantic, and one in the Indian Ocean. They report that shockingly, it’s estimated that only 9% of plastic has ever been recycled. These plastics degrade into microplastics that release toxic chemicals known as persistent organic pollutants, which are dangerous to marine wildlife as well as humans. Emerging research reveals that phytoplankton and zooplankton—organisms responsible for transporting carbon deep into the ocean where it's stored for centuries—are ingesting microplastics at an alarming rate, disrupting their metabolism, reproduction, and mortality rates.That’s just unacceptable.

To help cut down on the amount of waste and plastics that enters our incredibly delicate oceans, we partnered with Zenpack, founded in 2015. Zenpack’s fabric comes from plastic bottles recovered in developing countries and regions across the globe that are considered at high risk of entering the ocean, meaning that they are collected within 30 miles of waterways and coastal areas.

If you check out Zenpack’s deep dive into how they collect and reuse their plastics for packaging materials, you’ll notice a familiar, sunny-yellow bag at the top of the article. That’s because the iconic Lora DiCarlo bag is made of 100% fibers spun from plastic bottles. If you’re gifting an eco-conscious partner or friend, we think they’d be proud to know: Every orgasm means a few fewer bottles in the ocean.

What Else Makes Our Toys A Great Holiday Gift?

If you’ll allow us to toot our own horn just a bit more, we want to quickly highlight the full unboxing experience of a Lora DiCarlo device. Before you even get to the good stuff (the orgasms, we’re talking about powerful orgasms), you can expect:

  • A beautiful Lora DiCarlo box that includes instructions on using each toy, plus details on battery life and charging
  • Our unique magnetic charger
  • Details on finding us on social media and how to share your pleasure experience
  • A complimentary pleasure and wellness coaching session so you can get the most bang for your buck

In short, our devices come complete with a support system to help you feel a part of the community we’re building, one where we invite you to take charge of your body and your pleasure. You’re getting more than just a toy in a box.

Which Toy Should I Buy For...?

So you want to gift a Lora DiCarlo device, but you’re not sure which one? No worries, we got you. Let’s break down which device might be a good fit for a partner, a friend, or heck, even yourself.

  • Osé 2 - Meet Osé 2, your partner in crime for blended orgasms, or combinations of clitoral and G-spot orgasms. It’s a pretty intense experience and in fact, a single blended orgasm led our founder to start Lora DiCarlo in the first place! Get Osé 2 for partners with vaginas who enjoy solo exploration and frequent masturbation, or for partners who spend long periods of time apart, like in long distance relationships. Get this for a friend who’s never experienced a blended orgasm or for the toy aficionado who wants to try something high tech and unique.
  • Baci - Baci delivers the mind-blowing feel of a mouth, and great oral sex, whenever you want it. The powerful dual-stimulation device is great for partners who want to experience blended orgasms during penetrative sex, as it can be used in combination with p-in-v to provide delicious clitoral stimulation. It’s also a great gift for the friend who’s used to the same old simple vibrator—up their game with something powerful and new.
  • Filare - Filare has dual stimulation points that mimic the feel of a skillful tongue circling and stroking your clitoris. It’s a little less intense than a stimulator like Baci, so if your partner has a sensitive clitoris or simply wants to mimic the swirling tongue instead of the sucking, this is a great fit. It’s also good for friends who love oral but happen to be single or aren’t dating right now. They can still get that oral goodness with Filare!
  • Onda - Onda is our robotic G-Spot massager that mimics the “come hither” motion of a human finger. Forget the boring dildos—Onda provides unique internal sensations and intense G-spot orgasms. It’s perfect for partners who prefer penetrative sensations, or for friends who rely solely on a vibrator. Challenge them to stimulate a new erogenous zone, because orgasm fatigue is a real thing!
  • Carezza - Meet the unicorn of magic fingers. With patent-pending PercussionTouch™ technology, Carezza is designed to mimic a human finger pulsating on your clitoris. This is also a great companion for partners who regularly enjoy pentrative sex and want to add a little spice, but like all our clitoral stimulators it’s powerful enough to deliver clitoral orgams on its own. Gift this to a partner who loves or wants to try unique clitoral tapping sensations, or the friend who has it all already. Carezza is the first of its kind on the market, so you’re guaranteed to impress.
  • Don’t forget the lube! Our new Fluid line includes two lubricants you can’t live without. Fluid Aqua is a water-based lubricant that enhances your body’s own natural moisture and is condom- and toy-safe. Fluid Coco is an intimate massage oil and moisturizer made with two simple, organic ingredients, perfect for a sensual, world-class partner massage.

We hope your holidays are merry and bright, and we hope you load somebody’s sleigh with pleasure and delight. Whether you’re looking for pleasure beyond compare or want to gift an eco-friendly present that really cares about climate change, we’ve got you covered—but no silent nights guaranteed here!