CBD for Your Vagina - Try These 7 CBD Products for Sexual Wellness

CBD for Your Vagina - Try These 7 CBD Products for Sexual Wellness

Apr 14th 2021

It seems like there’s CBD in nearly everything these days. CBD skin care? Tried it. A drop in your coffee or a drag from a CBD vape? Many of us do it daily. But CBD oil is popular and trendy for good reason; it has amazing health benefits, calms anxiety, and can reduce pain.

Because of its pain relief qualities, CBD is also used in many sexual wellness products, like lube and massage oil. Introducing one or two into your personal pleasure routine will leave your vulva feeling fantastic.

Get ready for pain-free, relaxed pleasure and intimacy—we’re breaking down the top 7 CBD oil sexual wellness products your vagina will thank you for!

  1. Awaken by Foria. Awaken was one of the original CBD-based lubricants, created by Foria. According to their website, Awaken is “specially formulated for people with vulvas,” using a “unique blend of broad-spectrum CBD and organic botanicals” to enhance arousal, ease discomfort, and “help make great sex even better.” Awaken helps solve lack of lubrication, offers pain relief, and has aphrodisiac qualities. What’s not to love?
  2. Apothecanna massage oil. Looking for an intimate, erotic massage for you or a partner? Apothecanna’s massage oil includes 50mg. CBD for pain relief, coconut oil for lubrication, and a sultry jasmine scent. As a side note, any lube that’s not water-based isn’t recommended with Lora DiCarlo toys, and this product shouldn’t be used with latex condoms, either. Get your pleasure on safely!
  3. Fiora CBD Suppositories. Fiora also created a product that applies pain relief more directly. Packed with 100mg. CBD, these suppositories can be used before sex to ease vaginal discomfort or while you’re on your period to reduce cramping and soothe from the inside out.
  4. Wink Oil Vape Pens. Wink is a CBD company by women, creating products for people with vulvas. THC has many benefits, but not everybody enjoys the psychotropic effects. A CBD vape pen has similar anti-anxiety effects without the high, preparing you for pleasure sessions solo or with a partner.
  5. Life Elements Bath Bomb. Looking for a warm, relaxing bath as the weather begins to cool? Enter Life Elements Bath Bomb. You can choose the amount and potency of the CBD, making for a soak to soothe both pain and stress away. Use it to start some steamy foreplay with yourself or a playmate.
  6. Lord Jones yummy CBD chews. Forget giving your lover chocolate; try gifting a sweet, prickly pear CBD chew instead. With 20mg. CBD oil inside, you can enjoy a sweet treat during foreplay that calms the mind and body. It’s not your typical edible, either; there’s no THC or psychotropic effects.
  7. CBD Oil Dropper. Wink also makes powerful CBD oil tinctures designed to take every morning, ramping up your dosage over time. CBD oil is most known for its stress relieving benefits and anti-anxiety properties. If you suffer with performance anxiety or pain during sex, it’s often due to stress, trauma, or anxiety. Treating the root cause of sexual discomfort may bring long-term symptom relief a massage oil can’t.

What we love about CBD oil products is that they can target very specific sexual health and wellness concerns, like vaginal pain, uncomfortable sex, or lack of natural lubrication. But sexual wellness starts with your mental health, so products that more broadly tackle anxiety and stress can bring multiple benefits that include better sex.

We encourage you to choose a product (or two!) to add into your pleasure routine right away. Your body and brain will thank you!