Comparing the Best Toys for Women: Baci vs. Satisfyer Pro 2, Womanizer Pro, WeVibe Melt

Comparing the Best Toys for Women: Baci vs. Satisfyer Pro 2, Womanizer Pro, WeVibe Melt

Posted by Lora DiCarlo on Apr 14th 2021

Lora DiCarlo is proud of our lineup; we design and create some of the best toys for women and people with vaginas. Our products are innovative, work with vaginal physiology, and we work hard to destigmatize pleasure and help customers own their orgasms.

There are dozens of products on the market, and we know every body is unique, with different desires and preferences. We’re here to help you navigate these options and make the right choice for you.

Here, we’ll be comparing the Baci to similar toys on the market. We hope this series—which in previous articles compared Osé 2 and Onda with competing products—gives you the info and sexual empowerment you need to make the most intuitive choice for your body.


Baci (pronounced bah-chee) means "kiss" in Italian. Baci is a premium robotic clitoral stimulator, designed using biomimicry to imitate the sensation of oral clitoral stimulation, any time you want it. Baci delivers 2 types of clitoral stimulation:

  • Airflow technology that targets the external clitoral glans
  • Rythmic thrumming throughout the vulva, targeting the internal clitoral bulbs

This is a great toy for partner play to help boost pleasure and achieve orgasm, or as a solo toy with high-powered clitoral stimulation.

Each Baci comes with a complimentary product coaching session with a Lora DiCarlo Product Pro and is one of Lora DiCarlo’s award-winning biomimicry products.


Baci Satisfyer Pro 2 WeVibe Melt Womanizer Pro
Stimulates External Clitoral Glans

Stimulates Internal Clitoral Bulbs

Full Coverage of Vulva








Magnetic Charging

Battery Life Indicator

Travel Lock

Protective Cap and Carrying Case

Soft-Touch Medical Grade Silicone

Biomimetic (Mimics Human Touch)

Couples Play

Solo Play

Complimentary Product & Wellness Session

If you’ve never experienced clitoral suction before, Baci is one of the best toys for women and people with vaginas, regardless of whether they’re beginners or more experienced. We hope beginners will enjoy the gentle discovery of clitoral suction, and that experienced toy users will enjoy using Baci during partner play or for more intense solo sessions.

Regardless of whether you choose Baci, another Lora DiCarlo product, or something else entirely, we hope you’re ready to own your sexual empowerment and step into a new journey of self-discovery and pleasure!