Comparing The Best Toys for Women: Onda vs. Lelo Mona Wave and Nu Sensuelle Pearl

Comparing The Best Toys for Women: Onda vs. Lelo Mona Wave and Nu Sensuelle Pearl

Apr 14th 2021

Lora DiCarlo is proud to design and create some of the best toys for all genders; they’re innovative, work with vaginal and anal physiology, and use biomimicry to give you a unique and personalized experience.

We know there are a lot of options out there, and we recognize and honor each person’s unique body. Not everyone will want both dual stimulation, like what is offered with Osé 2, and not everyone will want exclusively clitoral stimulation, offered with Baci. There are also dozens of other products out there, and we’d like to help you navigate those choices.

In the second installment of this series, we’ll be comparing Onda to similar toys on the market. We hope this will be helpful, offering the information and sexual empowerment you need to make the most intuitive choice for your body, whatever that might be!


Onda uses micro-robotics to mimic the sensations of fingers stroking over the G-spot or P-spot, with the added boost of rumbling sensations any time you want. Onda is uniquely shaped to follow the body’s curves to help you explore and pinpoint your pleasure.

  Onda Lelo Mona Wave NU Sensuelle Pearl
P-Spot Stimulation



G-Spot Stimulation

Vibration Boost


Ergonomic, Anatomical Design






Magnetic Charging



Medical Grade Silicone





Couples Play

Solo Play

The amount of control you have allows it to be completely personal.

Onda is a great toy for beginners or experienced users. With 10 intensity settings and 4 different stroke positions, you can play for hours and really deepen your sexual exploration. The unique sensation of the “come-hither” movement was designed to mimic a lover’s fingers, which is unlike anything a regular vibrator can produce.

Regardless of whether you choose Onda, another Lora DiCarlo product, or something else entirely, we hope you’re ready to own your sexual empowerment and step into a new journey of self-discovery and pleasure!