How To Measure Your Vaginal Angle

How To Measure Your Vaginal Angle

Posted by Lora DiCarlo on Apr 14th 2021




You are unique, and it is way more than skin deep. And no, it’s not just your wit and charming personality we’re talking about. Your anatomy and the way you experience pleasure are unique, too. By exploring and understanding your personal anatomy, you can have the most pleasurable experience possible.

Everyone's Anatomy Is Different

Everyone’s vagina is different, and that’s completely normal. It’s because of your unique anatomy that it’s important to spend time learning about and understanding your preferences when it comes to pleasure; what works for someone else might not work for you and vice versa.

From the very beginning, our founder and CEO Lora, knew that she wanted to take this into account and design a product that was able to fit every body and have adjustable settings for each form of stimulation for a truly customized experience. Being a self-proclaimed anatomy geek, Lora started with the anatomy, conducting research to ensure her vision became reality.

Relationship Of The G-Spot To The Clitoris

Before we delve deeper into learning how to measure yourself, let’s have a quick recap of the anatomy we’re talking about. When measuring yourself to understand how to explore different kinds of pleasure, we focus on the clitoris, the G-spot, and the vaginal angle.

The majority of us are familiar with the location of our glans clitoris, the small nub at the top of the vulva where the outer labia come together to create a hood over the glans clitoris. This is not the entire story however! The glans clitoris is just the tip of the iceberg. It has a body that extends internally with crura that extend to the left and right to wrap around the vaginal opening. There are bulbs that extend from the crura and meet at the front of the vaginal canal, which is where some people report as the location of their G-spot.

The vaginal angle creates the relationship between the location of the G-spot, the clitoris and the vaginal opening. Since we all have unique anatomies, it’s not surprising that we also have different vaginal angles. Some things can affect our vaginal angles such as how much the uterus tilts forwards or backwards and where the bladder sits, but for the most part the main factor is the actual angle at which your vaginal canal is situated.

How We Conducted Our Research

When our founder & CEO Lora Haddock DiCarlo started inventing sextech, she wanted to create products that could work for different types of bodies. There's very little research available on how the different parts of the female sexual anatomy are related to each other. Lora knew that she needed to gain some data on how both the clitoris and G-spot relate to the vaginal opening.

Therefore, she started surveying people, asking them to measure their anatomy and tell her the results. She found that most people with vaginas have G-spots that are much closer to the vaginal opening than you might think. She also found that there is a wide variety in the distances and angles between the clitoris, the vaginal opening, and the G-spot.

From the beginning Lora knew that the vaginal angle was important, but since there was no tool to measure the angle, she was unable to explore the idea more until our engineers joined the team. Together, they created the right tools for the job.

How to Find Your CV & GV Measurements

To get a clear understanding of your unique vaginal angle you’ll need to measure the distance between your G-spot and vaginal entrance (aka GV ratio) as well as between your clitoris and vaginal entrance (aka CV ratio).

To measure the GV ratio insert a finger into your vagina until it touches your G-spot. Then press your thumb against your finger at the entrance of the vaginal canal. Measure the distance from the tip of your finger to the tip of your thumb.

To measure the CV ratio, place the tip of your forefinger at the front of your vaginal entrance. Then place your thumb on the clitoris and lay your hand down so that your thumb is aligned with your forefinger. Measure the distance from the tip of your finger to the tip of your thumb. You can also place the measuring tape against your body directly, but make sure to sterilize it first.

These two distances will be useful when exploring your anatomy with either Osé 2 or Onda. You can learn more about fitting Osé 2 in general by reading our Find Your Fit Guide. If you’d like to learn about how to fit Osé 2 for a narrow or wide pelvic angle or what to do if your G-spot is off center, we’ll be talking about this in more detail later on.

How Osé 2 and Onda Work

Osé 2 stimulates both the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously by mimicking the human mouth, tongue, and fingers. We designed Osé 2 to have a flexible body so it can be molded into a variety of different positions, making it possible for you to get a custom fit. There are two main components to the device: the G-spot Massager and the Clitoral Stimulator.

Onda is insertable and has two features: the G-spot Massager and an added vibration boost. Each function can be used independently or together to find your preferred sensation for vaginal stimulation.

How the G-spot Massager Works for Osé 2 and Onda

The G-spot Massager, it should come as no surprise to anyone, stimulates the G-spot. It mimics the motion of a human finger making a “come-hither” movement. From the control panel you can adjust the length and speed of each stroke allowing you to pinpoint a spot along the G-spot for an intensified experience, or for longer sweeping strokes over the entire G-spot.

If you’re not sure where your G-spot is, start with the lowest setting. This will provide the longest stroke and make it easier to feel when the Massager moves over your G-spot. From there it can become easier to pinpoint your G-spot and fit your device.

How the Clitoral Stimulator Works for Osé 2

The Clitoral Stimulator mimics the feel of the human mouth and tongue. The silicone cup moves up and down rapidly, causing air to be pushed out of the opening. This is called the Venturi effect and it is responsible for the thrumming sensation that reverberates throughout the entire cup.

From the control panel on the bottom of Osé 2, you are able to change the speed of the Clitoral Stimulator and customize your experience.

How to Find Your Fit If...

To start, take time to familiarize yourself with your massager and your anatomy. Once you have an understanding of your vaginal angle it’s time to find your fit. Since you’ve measured the distance between your G-spot and vaginal entrance, you can use this to help you locate your G-spot with the G-spot Massager. To do so, insert Osé or Onda, after applying lubricant, until the G-spot Massager ball reaches your G-spot.

If you are using Onda, and you are new to G-spot stimulation, we recommend that you explore your vaginal canal and its different erogenous zones with the vibration boost feature first. The G-spot massager ball will still be protruding slightly, even while turned off.

By using the vibration boost alone to start with, you can explore different angles with Onda until you find your sweet spot. Take your time and pay extra attention to the way small adjustments can enhance your experience. When you have an understanding of what area feels the best, start with the G-spot massager on the lowest setting, and keep exploring!

If you are using Osé 2, to reach your glans clitoris, leave the G-spot Massager inserted and take note of where your clitoris is in relation to the Clitoral Stimulator. It might be the case that the Clitoral Stimulator doesn’t reach your clitoris.

Don’t worry, this is common. Turn off and remove Osé 2 completely. Since you’ve also measured the distance between your clitoris and vaginal entrance and took note of your vaginal angle, you can use this information to shift the neck forward or backward depending on your angle (visit our Finding Your Fit guide for more detail on how to adjust Osé 2).

You Have a Narrower Angle

If you have a narrower angle, you might find that Osé 2's Clitoral Stimulator does not reach your clitoris. If this is the case, adjust Osé 2 by holding your device in the same position you would insert it in and bend the neck so that the G-spot Massager and Clitoral Mouth are closer together.

Keeping hold of the Clitoral Stimulator, press down on the neck to bring the G-spot Massager closer to the Clitoral Mouth.

You Have a Wider Angle

If you have a wider angle, you might find that the Clitoral Stimulator presses uncomfortably against your vulva. If this is the case, turn Osé 2 off and remove Osé 2 completely. Taking hold of the Clitoral Stimulator in one hand, making sure to keep Osé 2 in the same position you would insert it in, take hold of the neck with your other hand and pull open the neck to widen the space between the Clitoral Mouth and the G-spot massager.

You Have an Off-Centered G-spot

You might have noticed that your G-spot is not perfectly aligned with the center of your vagnial canal, don’t worry, this is completely normal. If this is the case for you, once you’ve found the rough location of your G-spot, try bending Osé 2’s flexible body to the left or right; which direction you choose will depend on which side of center your G-spot is located.

It may take some time until you are able to find your perfect fit. This is completely normal. Your patience is worth it, and the pleasure is yours to explore.

Have Fun Exploring

If you’re curious and want to learn more about pleasuring the G-spot and clitoris, our Health Guide is a great resource. It’s important that we as a society continue to research and learn about female anatomy as sexual health is integral to overall health and wellness. It might take time to fully understand your anatomy and find your perfect fit, but keep at it!

It’s well worth the effort to discover your unique capacity for pleasure!