Lora DiCarlo Named Finalist for FastCo Innovative Team Of The Year

Lora DiCarlo Named Finalist for FastCo Innovative Team Of The Year

Aug 6th 2021

We’re so excited to announce that Lora DiCarlo was named as a finalist for Innovative Team of the Year by Fast Company! The list dropped earlier this week and we were delighted to find ourselves among such talented, hard-working groups like Johns Hopkins, Genpact, and One Trust.

The best part of the award is that it honors our Innovation and Engineering teams specifically. With a team that regularly produces scientific articles on vaginal anatomy, pens op-eds on medical bias that prevents sexual wellness, and designs some of the most anatomically accurate, best toys for women, men, and people of all genders, our engineering team has made strides in deserves to be appreciated! 

Mazie Houchens, Blake Larkin, Ryan Riehl, and Avery Smith — our super-talented engineers, technicians, and industrial designers — made the list of a half-dozen finalists, and we’re so proud of their work. Their cutting-edge research and product development has resulted in the launch of 11 products protected by two US patents and 11 other pending patents. And, there’s more to come from our outstanding engineers.

We’re also delighted to see the company we’re among. Our engineers were finalists alongside the amazing and impactful Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. It is an honor to even be considered peers with a team that saved so many lives.

We also have another group of folks to thank: our customers and community. Without your feedback, support and interaction, we never would have gotten this far. From our engineering team, founder Lora Haddock DiCarlo, co-owner Cara Delevingne and the entire group here, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We're going to continue improving internal operations to continue making sextech better, more pleasurable, and more accessible. But we couldn’t do it without you!

Many thanks again to Fast Company for honoring such a great group of people. There are change-makers on that list, and there’s more to come from Lora DiCarlo!