MoMa Design Store—We’re thrilled to be included!

MoMa Design Store—We’re thrilled to be included!

Posted by Lora DiCarlo on Apr 14th 2021

We’ve got some orgasmic news to share. Lora DiCarlo is pleased to announce that Osé 2 was chosen to be included in the MoMA Design Store’s Design Innovations for Women Pop-Up! The pop-up will be available in their Soho store and online at now through September 27.

MoMA Design Store offers curator-approved products that bring quality, creativity, and design innovation to everyday living. Every purchase supports groundbreaking exhibitions at The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), a wide range of education programs, and the preservation of the Museum's collection.

A Short History, and Where to Purchase

In 1932, MoMA was the first art museum to establish a curatorial department dedicated to Architecture & Design, and by mid-century, it was playing a leading role in defining and promoting the values of “Good Design”, which MoMA Design Store continues to champion. Their Design Innovations for Women Pop-Up includes a selected suite of products representing the best new designs for women in the areas of sexuality, activity and menstruation, motherhood and menopause.

Lora DiCarlo is honored to have a product included in the store—what better way to reach new sexual explorers and pleasure seekers, right? Plus, purchases support a great cause and delivers on our mission of sexual empowerment to new people. That’s the ultimate goal.

The MoMA Design Store is known for highlighting remarkable products, so we’re “O-ver” the moon to be included. The best part is this pop-up features products designed largely for women, by women. As you probably already know, our own founder Lora Haddock DiCarlo started Lora DiCarlo after a super intense blended orgasm. She wanted to bring that experience to as many vulva-owners as possible.

Design Innovations for Women seeks to eliminate stigma around the female body form and empower women through direct, open and honest conversation. At Lora DiCarlo, that’s a big part of what we do. We support female empowerment. We support safe sex, pleasure seekers, and masturbation. We are thrilled to be among the products and designers MoMA Design Store selected for this initiative.

You can purchase Osé 2 at the Design Store in Soho until Sept. 27th and online at

Wait, There’s An Osé 2?

Oh yeah—in case you haven’t heard, we upgraded the original Osé and are delighted to present the pleasure-inducing, blended orgasm dream toy you’ve been waiting for. The Osé 2 is now available for preorder, but before you get all hot and bothered let’s talk about the hefty upgrades.

The Osé 2 has more power. It’s more precise. It delivers more pleasure. We heard your feedback—thousands of comments, in fact—and made changes to our personal pleasure microrobot that make it better than ever, including:

  • An adapted overall shape to be smoother, sleeker, and sexier—so it complements an even greater range of anatomies
  • A narrower G-spot stimulator for wider range of fit
  • A softer, more cushiony G-Spot “Finger” that feels even more like human touch. Get ready for delicious G-spot stimulation!
  • A redesigned clitoral stimulator to more easily fit against the vulva while leaving the vaginal opening comfortably free for G-spot stimulation
  • A wider range of clitoral stimulation—think more rumbly lows, higher highs. Ose 2 meets more sensation preferences, no vibration required.
  • More direct connection between the flexible body and clitoral stimulator for easier fit and placement inside your unique body

In short, the Osé 2 is getting a brand new look and a sleeker, more accommodating attitude. We can’t wait for you to get your hands, and vulva, on it!

Culture Changes and Osé 2

If you’ve been reading the news lately you may have heard about a little song called, “WAP,” by Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B. You may know it’s all about great sex and female empowerment—it even features lyrics about role play, which we love.

But the song made some people mad, mostly news media pundits and talking heads who can’t seem to understand that sex isn’t bad. That women and vulva havers can be complete, whole persons with professional lives while still enjoying gnarly, interesting sex. We are many-splendored and complex individuals with normal human desires.

It’s 2020 and we shouldn’t still be dealing with this. While yes, the Osé 2 being featured in any store is exciting, it’s not just about a single product or even about sales. It’s about what it represents. In a world that pushes back against vulva-havers staking a claim on what’s theirs, the Osé 2 getting mainstream recognition and attention from any outlet—including recent honors from CES—is an advancement.

It’s a statement. We’re here to say that yes, pleasure matters! How we design pleasure devices for unique bodies and vaginas matters. We hope you’ll take a minute to browse through MoMA Design Store and see what other products are on offer, too. Female-designed products deserve some time in the sun, and we’re happy to be among them.