Pleasure Is Better With Toys, Solo Or Together

Pleasure Is Better With Toys, Solo Or Together

Posted by Lora DiCarlo on Apr 14th 2021

An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away! If you’ve been looking for a wellness practice or a supplement that gives you glowing skin, boosts immunity, helps you live longer and continues to become more powerful as you age, look no further than the orgasm. Multiple studies show orgasms greatly benefit our health, contributing to overall wellness in so many ways.

Intimacy and orgasms are an important component of a healthy life, so prioritizing them is a must, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. In the age of high tech, even personal pleasure microrobots can be purchased easily and are quite affordable. In short, sex toys that help achieve great orgasms are a simple way to support and boost our everyday wellness routine.

Solo Play

The good news about sex toys is they don’t require partners or extra hands. There are many sex toys to use alone, and you don’t need to worry about sacrificing any pleasure or enjoyment. In general, there are three main types of toys to use alone: those that stimulate the clitoris, those that stimulate internally and those designed for anal play.

There’s more good news, too. Masturbation is a healthy, normal habit that has no negative side effects. 80% of females masturbate at least once a month, and as many as 49% do so at least once a week. Now that many people must stay indoors more than normal, it’s possible those numbers may increase. Even if not, orgasms can be enjoyed alone, while safely social distancing.

Masturbation is great for exploring new sexual desires safely and without the fear or insecurity of having a partner nearby, and self-pleasure is a fantastic way to boost self esteem and body image. Additionally, it brings all the health benefits orgasms have to offer.

Solo Clitoral Stimulation

Many people with vaginas enjoy clitoral stimulation and can orgasm from this alone. Vibration is a common way to accomplish clitoral orgasms, but there are options that use biomimicry to imitate the feel of a human mouth, like Lora DiCarlo’s Baci, soon to be released. Baci focuses on clitoral stimulation with the feeling of a mouth, lips and tongue over the clitoris. Air flow technology and micro-robotics stroke and caress, recreating the sensations of attentive oral pleasure. No vibration needed.

Solo G-spot Stimulation

Vaginal stimulation and penetration can be achieved in many ways, and both Onda and Osé 2 accomplish this in completely new ways. Onda mimics the sensations of fingers stroking over the G-spot, with the added boost of rumbling sensations, and Osé 2 achieves a full-bodied orgasm by stimulating the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. If you’ve never experienced a blended orgasm, this is truly a game changer.

Solo Anal Stimulation

Many toys designed for vaginal and clitoral stimulation can also be used for anal play. There are, however, specific toys made solely for this purpose, like plugs. This is a great way to add extra stimulation without requiring an additional hand and will add to the full-body orgasm experience, delivering the same kind of orgasm achieved with a partner.

We love our heated plug Tilt, which provides dual stimulation and warm, soothing heat just above body temp.

Couples' Play

Many companies design sex toys for couples, and it’s also possible to use Lora DiCarlo’s range of toys in both circumstances. Toys for couples do wonders for increasing intimacy, keeping intercourse exciting and inviting both partners to explore new desires and experiences together.

This is so critical because of the orgasm gap, an epidemic in its own right that affects millions of couples. For example, one third of people with vaginas are infrequently having an orgasm when they have sex. The gap exists between heterosexual and LGBTQ+ people: only 66% of heterosexual people with vaginas orgasm frequently whereas 73% of people with vaginas within the LGBTQ+ community do.

To combat the issue, couples need to focus on communication as well as stimulation and a true partnership during intimate moments. Remember, the entire body can be a sensitive spot; all consensual touch can be erotic in the right setting. Fight orgasm boredom (yes, that's a thing!) and commit to exploring new ways to orgasm together. Using sex toys as a couple is a simple way to do so.

Stimulating The Clitoris, Together

During penetrative sex, it’s important for people with vaginas to receive clitoral stimulation, too, for a blended orgasm. Some will require clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm at all. Although partners can help by using fingers or a mouth, toys like Baci can put the power back into the hands of the person using it, allowing it to be enjoyed from any angle or position. However, it can be just as hot for a partner to both penetrate and stimulate the clitoris with a toy at the same time. Multitasking is sexy!

Stimulating The G-spot, Together

In same sex-female partnerships, toys for couples can be used in interesting ways, including to reach a blended orgasm through both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. This can be achieved through a toy like Osé 2, which gives attention to both places at once. Of course, toys can always be used to provide stimulation to one single spot or the other, and in any partner or couple setting, anal toys can be used to provide additional stimulation. As mentioned above, the entire body can be erotic in certain settings and for some, “the more the merrier” is an enjoyable experience that adds to a fuller and more powerful orgasm.

Pleasure is an experience that can be enjoyed in so many ways, both with a partner and alone. Both sexual intimacy and masturbation are great for our health, boosting immunity at a time when we are stressed, anxious and trapped indoors for long periods of time.

If you haven’t already, consider adding toys, or simply new ones, to your sexual and intimate relationships—even with yourself! We deserve and crave pleasure and eroticism, and creating more powerful orgasms is empowering and enjoyable for everyone.