Sex Lube - The Power of Lubricants for Sex

Sex Lube - The Power of Lubricants for Sex

Apr 14th 2021

Painful sex? Lube can help. Struggling with vaginal dryness? Lube can help. Clogged garbage disposal? Just kidding, lube probably won’t help you there. But it IS an essential part of any sexual wellness routine, no matter your gender or age. Lube makes toy play and penetration smoother, sexier, and more pleasurable—let’s talk about why!

Why Use Lube?

Lubrication is essential for sex; that’s why our body naturally produces it. If you have a vulva, your vagina naturally creates wetness, called arousal fluid, to help aid penetration. That’s why foreplay is important; going in dry is painful and we extremely do not recommend it. Take your time before inserting anything into your vagina and don’t forget—the clitoris is made of erectile tissue, too, meaning arousal is key for delicious, pain-free clitoral stimulation!

Your body makes other kinds of lubes, too. Saliva is an option, especially during oral sex. If you have a penis, pre-ejaculate fluid is another natural lubricant your body produces. Last but not least, the vagina also produces cervical fluid, which can act as an internal lubricant.

But what if your body doesn’t make enough natural lubricant? Or what if you take a while to get aroused, or just want things to be smoother in general? During and after menopause, after surgery or chemotherapy, and even after sexual trauma, the body can produce less natural lubricant. Hormonal changes, emotional wellbeing and physical illness can all make a big difference. This is where a good lube comes in, letting you go with the flow more easily. Even if you don’t have a medical or mental health condition, let’s be honest—lube just makes sex so much more fun. What’s not to love?

How Do I Pick A Lube?

There are a few kinds of lube to choose from, and the type of sex you’re having, and who you’re having it with, determines the best product to choose. But the overwhelming amount of options can make it confusing!

To start, let’s talk about what you don’t want: anything with flavors, sensations or additives. You never know how these chemicals will affect your body. We honestly can’t fathom ever wanting a strawberry flavored, vending-machine-dispensed condom or lube near our own vulvas (can you say yeast infection?), but even lubes that are made with “sensations” can be overwhelming or cause allergic reactions. “Tingling” and “warming” lubes aren’t great for beginners and may never work for folks with sensitive skin. Stay far away!

When To Use Water-Based Lube

Now, what’s the good stuff? The first question is whether you’re using toys. In toy play it’s always best to stay away from oil- or silicone-based lubes, because they can break down silicone toys. This includes all Lora DiCarlo toys!


Instead, reach for a water-based lube that’s toy safe. May we recommend our very own Fluid Aqua personal lubricant? Fluid Aqua is made to stimulate, not to irritate. It’s FDA certified, GMO and paraben free, and water-based.


Another great option would be our Well Balanced CBD Lube. With 500mg per 50ml, this is the highest concentration of broad-spectrum CBD lube available. It will enhance your pleasure by relaxing your muscles and reducing discomforts associated with anxiety and inflammation. Plus, it helps you maintain a balanced pH!



Both of these options are safe to use with all Lora DiCarlo toys, they aren't greasy, and also don't stain. They feel and act like a natural supplement to your body’s own lubrication—basically, they feel like you!


When To Use Oil-Based Lube


Oil-based lubes are great choices when you’re focusing solely on skin-on-skin contact. Oil-based lubes, remember, aren’t great for toy play, but they are fantastic for penetration and partner play.

If you struggle with uncomfortable or painful sex, you may prefer to reach for a CBD-oil lube that calms, de-stresses and alleviates pain. We covered CBD lubes in a previous post, so feel free to slide through our personal recommendations. 

What About Massage Oils?

We’re so proud of the newest lube launch of our own, which includes Fluid Coco. Fluid Coco is a moisturizing massage oil made with two simple, organic ingredients: coconut oil and shea butter.


Say bye to dry! Use Fluid Coco on your partner for an erotic massage, or slather on post-shower and soak up the moisture for soft skin. Give yourself the magic touch and amp up your intimate moments with an all-natural, gentle moisturizing oil.

What Else Should I Know?

If lube alone isn’t enough to alleviate painful sex, you might want to talk to a doctor. STIs (no shame, friend! It happens to everybody), yeast infections and other medical conditions can affect natural lubrication and make your pelvic floor squeeze up, causing discomfort. Menopause can also cause painful conditions like vaginal atrophy, making sex all but impossible. Lube can’t solve those problems, so check with your OBGYN to get the help you deserve.


Lube is such a simple product, but has a powerful outcome. It’s a huge boost for sexual trauma survivors who struggle with penetration, and it makes toy play a lot smoother (especially anal play, which involves sensitive tissue!) As long as you choose the right lube for your skin and type of play, you’re in for a good time. We hope you’ll use Fluid Aqua and Fluid Coco to come again and again, in all your most intimate moments!