Sex Microrobots Are Here, But They’re Not What You Think

Sex Microrobots Are Here, But They’re Not What You Think

Posted by Lora DiCarlo on Apr 14th 2021

You’ve probably seen sex robots make headlines for a few years—many of them look like Instagram models, sporting long blonde wigs and immaculate eye makeup on frozen faces. These robots often dominate headlines about the sextech industry and sex technology, but they’re not always readily accessible on the market. Even when they are, a single sex robot with fully customizable body parts costs thousands of dollars.

Flashy, almost uncanny robots make great news fodder, but they’re a reductive representation of technologies in sex and are created by and for the male gaze, often sporting visible rib cages and impossible bodies. Female founded sextech companies, however, are leading the real charge of personal pleasure microrobots. In fact, the future of sex robotics is already here, it just doesn’t look like the anatomical dolls seen on the news.

What Is Sextech?

Sextech covers many kinds of devices—vibrators and toys, sex blankets, apps, and more—but the basic premise is innovation that improves our sexual wellness and lives. That includes one-of-a-kind pleasure devices like the original Osé, which won an award at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show—only to have it stripped away once the committee realized it was a pleasure product designed for people with vaginas.

Our story reached allies around the world, and Lora Dicarlo’s award was restored. Now, we are delighted to announce the release of our next advanced pleasure device, Onda. Lora DiCarlo, a female founded sextech company, designs and manufactures sex microrobots. Our robotics are designed to maximize the pleasure of people with vaginas.

Onda stimulates the G-spot by mimicking the “come hither” motion of a human finger. Osé 2, the re-designed and improved iteration, provides dual stimulation to achieve mind-blowing blended orgasms.

Sextech has been remarkable in opening up awareness, and increasing access to education around women’s bodies and their pleasure.

Why Is Female Founded Sextech So Important?

A large portion of the sex industry is made by and for men. Everything from pornography to dolls, humanoid robots and other toys are catered to the male gaze. It’s important for women and femmes to see themselves reflected in imagery and the industry in general. As innovators around the world join the growing sextech movement, it’s imperative women and femmes play a leading role in development.

In an interview with Psychology Today, Bryony Cole weighed in on the industry and how female founded sextech creates a more equitable society for femmes, as well as puts focus back on femme pleasure. Cole is an industry expert and the host of an acclaimed podcast on sex and technology.

“Sextech has been remarkable in opening up awareness, and increasing access to education around women’s bodies and their pleasure,” Cole said.

Cole also encouraged more femme entrepreneurs to join the space, even though it’s no easy task. She told Psychology Today that higher hurdles for women in technology and women’s tendency to underestimate their own abilities mean sextech needs “the strength of women in numbers.”

When women and femmes show up in the technology industry, consumers get their hands on incredible devices designed specifically for clitorial and G-spot stimulation, achieving incredible partner or solo blended orgasms. Female-founded companies promote both pleasure and equity through high-tech microrobotics.

So How Are Sex Robots Born?

Like any high-tech company, Lora DiCarlo is lucky to have an amazing engineering team who prioritizes pleasure and designs exceptional sex technologies. Unlike simple vibrators, our devices are created with physics and biology in mind. Our Director of Engineering weighed in for us, explaining that the team takes our customer’s needs, desires and pleasure points into consideration, then applies biomechanics to deliver the best orgasm possible.

“Our designs are all about data, data collecting, and analysis,” Kim Porter, Lora DiCarlo’s Director of Engineering said. “Our products are the only ones on the market that use a proven, phased approach for design and development.”

Everyday Benefits Of Sextech

The benefits of sextech are pretty explosive, and they affect many parts of your life. First and foremost, incredible orgasms have the ability to change your intimate life whether experienced with a partner or not, and give femmes the power to own their orgasms and pleasure.

Orgasms are also great for our health. Stress negatively affects our body, and it’s no surprise the events surrounding COVID-19 and physical distancing are stressful. Whether sheltering in place alone or with a roommate or partner, orgasms relieve the tension of being trapped indoors and boost immunity, mood, and emotional well-being. For some, pleasure microrobots may help them achieve their first ever orgasm. Now more than ever, those transformative experiences are life-changing and keep us healthy.

Overall, sexual wellness is a comprehensive idea that touches every part of our lives. Our emotional state, intimate experiences and physical well-being rely on healthy sex, and healthy conversations about sex. Every aspect of sextech, whether it’s a toy, device, robot, or app, can improve our sexual wellness in some way. It’s no exaggeration to say sextech enhances our lives in many ways other industries can’t.

How do I get a piece of that?

It’s easy to find new innovations in sex technology that become part of daily life. Lora DiCarlo’s line of products are dedicated exclusively to that very task. However, there are dozens of other helpful products, like contraceptive apps. The availability of this technology empowers individuals to identify solutions to their unique needs.

Do you want to achieve better orgasms? Introduce new techniques or positions into your intimate life? Manage stress, nutrition and exercise habits? How about better manage your reproductive cycles? Whatever your desires are, there’s guaranteed to be a product designed for you.

Finding and incorporating these innovations could be the key to a happier and healthier life, and that’s never been a more important priority.