Solo Date Ideas During Covid-19 on Valentine’s Day

Solo Date Ideas During Covid-19 on Valentine’s Day

Apr 14th 2021

Like it or not, Valentine’s Day may never be the same, even as COVID-19 vaccination rates increase. After all, masks also reduce flu and cold transmission and some folks may not feel comfortable being in large, indoor groups for a long time. We think it’s best to prepare and think ahead about how we can still make holidays special—even little celebrations help us get through difficult times.

If you’re single, this is especially true, because we all know how terrible Valentine’s Day can make us feel even during the best of times. But hey, the truth is self-love is in some ways more important than romantic love. Self-love and self-care keeps us going and keeps our mental health in good shape. So never fear, fellow singles, because we’re breaking down our favorite self-date ideas you'll love any time there's a pandemic, or you're just feeling a little reclusive!

The basic requirements for any socially distanced, safe outing are:

  • Wearing a mask
  • Watching your distance
  • Washing your hands

And you’ll find the ideas below incorporate all three.

For The Outdoorsy Types

Do you love nature and being outdoors? Us, too! This Berkeley article says that being in nature makes us kinder, reduces anxiety, and gives us a mood boost. What’s not to love!? Here are three self-date ideas for the nature lover in you.

  • Green up your space. By February, many stores will have put out their spring gardening selections. Greenhouses in your area may be re-opening and home improvement stores will be beefing up their gardening sections, too. We recommend taking a peek at some indoor greenery inspiration, like this list of great indoor plants and how to aesthetically arrange them. Then, pop off to your local greenhouse or gardening section and choose planters, potting soil, gardening utensils (i.e. gloves and a spade), and your favorite little plants! Getting our hands dirty feels good, and let’s be honest, dirt kinda smells nice and fresh, right? Caring for your plant over time gives you a routine to look forward to and spruces up your place. It’s the perfect way to spend a few hours with yourself.
  • Forest bathing. Just hear us out; this TIME article describes the Japanese art of forest bathing and its many mental health benefits. In a busy, teched-out world, sometimes the outdoors is just what we need. Forest bathing can include many activities, like meditation or yoga, but we know it’s still probably cold where you live so here’s our suggestion. Grab yourself a cup of hot coffee or tea from your favorite local shop and bundle up with either yoga or sweat pants, a cozy sweater, scarf, and a hat. Find your nearest national park or hiking area and go for a walk. When you find a place to rest, like a bench, have a seat and take some deep breaths, using your hot beverage to stay warm. Listen to the sounds around you and notice what being outside feels, smells, tastes, and sounds like. Jot down your thoughts in a journal or simply take mental notes. Exercise is great but the point here is to take care of your brain and have some still, quiet time, so don’t feel like you’re missing out if you don’t make it far from the trail head.

For The Artsy Types

Do you love film, theater, literature, and the arts? It’s hard not being able to participate in those activities live and in person, but you can still explore your hobbies and nourish your creative side with time spent alone.

  • Masked bookstore scavenger hunt. Mask up, then pay a visit to your local used bookstore to keep this idea budget-friendly. You’re going on a scavenger hunt and you’ll need to find yourself items in three categories. First, head over to the children’s section and find a book you loved as a kid, maybe something a parent or teacher read to you. If you don’t have a favorite childhood book now’s the time to find one! We love Curious George, Dr. Seuss and Junie B. Jones, all of which have multiple installments so you can choose a new favorite and take it home to enjoy again. You’re never too old to be a kid! Secondly, you’ll want to head to the biography section of the store and locate a new creative icon to learn about. Unfortunately, women and queer folks are all too often left out of art history, so push yourself to find a new painter, writer, composer or philosopher in a marginalized community and learn about their life and contributions. You never know who you’ll “meet” and be inspired by! Lastly, visit the fiction section and find a book you’d like to read in a genre you normally don’t gravitate to. Love historical fiction? Check out some sci-fi instead! Love YA? Go for a graphic novel! The point here is to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try something new.
  • Online painting class. Don’t want to head to the store? Try an online painting class instead. Udemy has dozens of courses for all ages and styles, including kid’s art, comic book drawing, classical painting styles and more. Paint supplies are easily available on Amazon and you don’t need the best products, or to be a pro. Have fun and try learning a new skill, or a new kind of painting if you normally stick to one style. Just remember to cover the floor and label your paint water so it doesn’t get confused for your coffee.

For Trend Setters

  • Influencer’s day-in-the-life. Maybe you’re a full-blown IG influencer or just like posting about your daily life. Either way, we want to set up an Instagrammable day you’ll love to share. First, get ready by browsing a new list of Instagram story filters you haven’t tried yet. Then, head to your local Starbucks drive-through and choose something from the secret menu. You’ll want those IG filters to show off your top choice on your story! Next, head to your favorite beauty spot, whether Target, Ulta or Sephora, to select some products for a new makeup look anyone can pull off. May we suggest a graphic liner or pop of springtime color? Document what you’ve purchased and head home to makeover. Dressing up is highly encouraged; you don’t need an excuse to look nice! Finish off your look with a few great selfies, then relax in a bubble bath. Bath bombs are super visually interesting, but you can always step it up a notch with a super-aesthetic milk bath!

No matter which kind of self-date you choose for Valentine’s Day, it wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate expression of self-love: pleasure. Hey, we don’t kiss and tell, but there’s no shame in getting it on on the first date, especially if it’s with yourself! Ending your day with a powerful orgasm is a great mood booster and helps you feel more empowered, especially important if you’re feeling a little low about being single. We understand, we’ve all been there.

If you’re not sure which self-pleasure toy to go with we’ve got you covered. You can compare our newest line of warming vibrators or the OG Lora DiCarlo biomimetic pleasure products that includes Osé 2, Baci and Onda. Whatever you choose, get your self-love on!