Telehealth Offers Important Alternatives For Sexual Health

Telehealth Offers Important Alternatives For Sexual Health

Apr 14th 2021

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, people around the world changed their habits, adjusting everything from how they shop, play, meet, and work. Many local governments still recommend wearing face masks, and vaccination rates have stagnated in some states. Because of that, the way we experience healthcare is forever changed. Even if COVID were 100% eliminated, we created better options are are simply more accessible!

What Is Telehealth?

In light of the pandemic, telehealth and telemedicine have also become more popular, a new and safer way to provide needed care to patients, and educate and protect providers. Telehealth and telemedicine are slightly different, but sometimes used interchangeably. Telehealth is a more broad term, defined as “the use of telecommunications technologies to deliver health-related services and information.”

Telemedicine is a little more specific, defined as, “the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications.” The differences aren’t huge, and both have become increasingly needed to help cope with coronavirus. The CDC stated several ways telehealth can be used to help patients, including remote patient monitoring, remote evaluations and more.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also waived some requirements, allowing waivers that relax conditions of participation for hospices and health care providers, including expanded use of telehealth for patients. In some places, copays have even been waived for Medicare and Medicaid patients. These new regulations help providers, too, because it reduces the amount of physical contact between doctors and patients. In short, telehealth can keep everyone safe.

Telehealth In Action

You’ve probably seen ads recently for online therapy apps, an example of ways healthcare can be provided remotely. New mental health apps connect users with therapists in real time, or simply provide relaxation and mindfulness techniques. While the applications of them differ, and some are more for relaxation than true telehealth, these apps are a great example of how more people are putting their trust in technology and private health care companies.

One benefit of therapy apps is, of course, the fact that it’s an app, but initiatives like these also make therapy and mental health help more accessible. In a listicle of the best therapy apps from, the average weekly price of the apps are often far below what an hourly rate with a local therapist might be, particularly if you don’t have insurance.

In places where copays have been waived or eliminated for certain patients because of new regulations, the cost of healthcare is even lower, and not just for therapy. Private health insurance carriers have also expanded their telehealth benefits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including for mental health and other types of care.

Of course, financial benefits are great, but mobility can also make it difficult for some people to seek out or receive health care. One of the great benefits of both telehealth and telemedicine is that many times, it doesn’t require you to leave your home. This can help patients feel more comfortable and secure and also put less stress on them if leaving the house is difficult. It also protects everyone from going into public places, which is especially important for immunocompromised people.

Apart from financial and physical accessibility, the CDC also lists tons of other telehealth benefits across the board, including low-risk COVID-19 screening, coaching and support for patients managing chronic health conditions, providing education and training for providers and more.

Telehealth For Sexual Health & Wellness

Telehealth can apply to any field of medicine or study, and sexual health and wellness is no different. Telehealth can include sexual wellness coaching, and if you’re struggling to achieve orgasm or to enjoy either masturbation or partnered sex, a remote session can provide help from a professional while in the comfort and security of your own home.

At Lora DiCarlo, we’re proud to offer a free consultation session with every toy purchased. That means you get to ask all your burning questions about pleasure, blended orgasms, pelvic and vaginal physiology and anything else you might want to know. Our Product Pros are ready to help you at any time. Our toys for women and people with vaginas aren’t the only way we work on bridging the orgasm gap, and we appreciate every opportunity to help someone fight sexual stigma and experience better pleasure.

Because the benefits of orgasms and masturbation are so plentiful, it’s an important area of your life to focus on, just like mental health and therapy care. It’s an area of overall well-being you can’t afford to ignore.