Sex with Ice: A Guide to Kinky Temperature Play

Sex with Ice: A Guide to Kinky Temperature Play

Nov 21st 2021

Sex should always be hot—steamy, romantic, and full of pleasure. But that doesn’t mean it has to be physically hot, especially during the sweltering summer months! If the heat is too much, consider trying temperature play the next time you get it on with a partner.

Temperature play can involve hot or cold items and toys (may we suggest the soothing, gentle warming in our vibrating plug, Tilt?). Both can be extremely intimate and heighten sensations and orgasms, or just make sex more comfortable in hot or cold weather. To ease into trying something new, we’re listing three ways to use intimate ice play during sex, and debunking some ice play myths you need to know!

3 Ways To Try Ice Play

1. Oral Sex With Ice

Whether you’re pleasuring a penis or vagina, ice can elevate the experience for you both. If you’re about to give a blowjob, suck on a piece of ice and wrap your lips around it for a few minutes. Gabrielle Moss, a writer at Bustle, tried this on a partner and said he enjoyed the sensation of a cool mouth more than one at regular temp! She also tried putting crushed ice in her mouth and doing a sort of “slushified” blow job, which her boyfriend also loved. Overall, the ice didn’t make him orgasm faster, but he did describe a tingling, exciting sensation.

For this method, we just have a couple of notes on safety. Be careful to make sure the ice cube is a bit melted or wet before putting it in your mouth, on your lips, or near a partner’s skin. Otherwise, it could end up stuck and painful to remove.

If you’re performing oral sex on someone with a vagina, Well and Good suggests keeping a small piece of ice under your tongue while you lick their vulva and labia. This will keep your mouth cool and provide titillating coolness to their sensitive bits. The same safety tips apply, though, and lube is always a good idea! According to Well and Good, the more wetness you have going on down there, the less likely you are to hurt yourself.

2. Cool Touch With An Ice Massage

Consider giving your partner a chilly massage to help them relax and set the mood. Fab Fit and Fun recommends rubbing ice all over your hands to get them cool before running them down a partner’s body. We also recommend placing a massage oil or lotion in the freezer for a few minutes, then rubbing the cooled product all over their body—or yours, if you like. Make sure you’re using something gentle and good for your skin, like our Fluid Coco! You don’t want to cause any irritation or burning.

You can also rub an ice cube over your partner’s body, focusing on their butt, nipples, back, chest, and thighs. This will help them cool down on those hot summer days and provide exciting stimulation to many of their erogenous zones. If you want to prevent that ice from sticking, consider using our Well Balanced CBD Lube, safe for internal and external play!

3. Chilly Stainless Steel Or Glass Sex Toys

If you have a glass or stainless steel sex toy—such as a glass dildo—chances are you can pop it in the freezer for 10–15 minutes to cool it down before playing. We recommend testing it against your forearm or other sensitive areas before inserting, and use plenty of lube. Just because it’s not frozen water doesn’t mean it can’t get stuck to your skin! Toys used this way can be a lot more fun than room temperature ones.

As always, be sure to clean any sex toy properly after each use, and especially if sharing with partners. Beat the heat responsibly! Clean toys reduce the chance of infection and STI spread and ensure you’ll enjoy the next temperature play session! Our Product Cleanser gets the job done and is gentle and safe for skin.

Can I Put Ice In My Vagina?

So apparently, there was a recent TikTok trend where folks were putting ice in their vagina to “make it tight,” according to the Daily Dot. Uhm, that’s wrong on so many levels! First of all, an aroused vagina is moist and relaxed to make sex comfortable and pleasurable. If your muscles are contracted, it can create that tightness and cause irritation, burning, and painful sex. Not ideal! For many other reasons, gynecologists hopped onto TikTok to debunk this trend.

According to Laura Meihofer, a pelvic floor therapist, you can put ice in your vagina or use it in the vulva area to reduce pain, swelling, itchiness, and other symptoms people with vulvas sometimes have. (If those symptoms don’t go away, please see a doctor for diagnosis!) Ice can feel great during the hottest months, but She Knows says you must first put a condom on it to ensure the ice doesn’t stick to the internal vaginal wall. This could cause tearing and damage to your vulva. We also think it’s important to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons—not to please someone else.

If you’re sure you want to try temperature play, do it responsibly and go forth! Condoms, lube, and cleaning up after you’re done go a long way toward preventing any problems. Ice play could be just the thing you need to cool off when it’s too hot out!