Three New Warming Vibrators - Which One Is Right For You?

Three New Warming Vibrators - Which One Is Right For You?

Apr 14th 2021

New toys, new orgasms, new you. There's never a wrong time to invest in a delicious warming toy, which soothes and stimulates at the same time!

To create the best sex toys for women — and anyone with a pleasurable hole to fill — we hope you'll check out an innovate and tech-drivel collection we’re really proud of. Your bedroom forecast is warm and buzzy with warming vibrators Drift, Sway, and Tilt. We’re hot just thinking about it!

Try Tilt’s Tempting Temperature

Tilt is a versatile, vibrating plug designed for vaginal and anal pleasure, from the P-spot to the G-spot and everything in between. Tilt has a uniquely sculpted external arm for simultaneous G-spot / clitoral stimulation, or P-spot / perineum stimulation and is shaped for comfort and wearability.

It’s perfect for private or public play (sexy!), solo or with a partner. With deep, rumbling vibrations and our state-of-the-art warming feature, Tilt encourages you to explore new sensations. You’ll find Tilt’s warmth soothing as it delivers broad and focused pressure to the G-spot or prostate.

If you’re new to stimulating the P-spot (aka the part of the prostate that’s very pleasurable and delivers powerful orgasms), Tilt can help gently introduce you to a new experience without being too bulky or intimidating. If sharing Tilt between partners and alternating between prostate and G-spot stimulation, be sure to clean thoroughly or switch condoms in between!

Sway Is Hot Like You

Sway is a dual-ended warming massager that is very unlike old-school double-ended dildos you see in porn. A thoughtfully-sculpted, double-ended form and two independent motors on each end deliver simultaneous rumbling and warming sensations.

Smooth curves and a raised stimulation point on one end is ideal for G-spot and clitoral exploration, while the larger more bulbous end is ideal for prostate pleasure.

In addition to powerful vibrations, Sway features the added bonus of luxurious warming sensations for enhanced relaxation and pleasure. Sway is great for folks with deeper G-spots, or for those who want to stimulate the prostate. It’s a fantastic choice for couples who enjoy sexual exploration together and its design accommodates all genders and orientations.

Whatever your pairing looks like, Sway matches your pleasure needs.

Drift Fuels Your Fire

Explore and enjoy all of your favorite sensations with Drift. Curved in all the right places, Drift’s angled shape is designed to reach all the right spots—inside and out. The flattened head features a raised stimulation point for even more sensation against each of your erogenous zones. Starting with a deep rumble and rising to intense vibrations, Drift warms to body temperature with the touch of a button for a truly lush sensory experience.

Drift is our take on the classic vibrator, but it has so much more to offer. Drift is versatile; it works well for both partner and solo play and is a good fit for beginners. But the internal heating, intentional curves, and raised point make it excellent for more exploratory pleasure seekers.

Relax into a soothing experience or kick up the heat!

Which Toy Is Right For You? Let’s Compare.

Clitoral Stimulation
G-Spot Stimulation
P-Spot Stimulation
Dual Stimulation
Soft-touch Silicone
Couple's Play
Solo Play
Price $140 $150 $95

What Else Do I Need To Know?

No matter which toy is the best for you, two key points will be the same: cleaning and lube. Both are essential for consensual play, and may be part of the conversation with hook ups or new partners you’ve not been with before.

Much like whether or not to use condoms, both lube and toy cleaning should be regular parts of pleasure communication.

  • Lube - You can never have too much of it! Whenever penetration is involved, lube is essential. Remember that P-spot newbies will be extra sensitive, so a gentle approach is best. Our own Fluid Aqua is water-based, so it’s safe for both toy and condom use. Be sure to get the right product for the smoothest, most comfortable experience!
  • Clean up - After play is over and you’ve had several orgasms (the sky’s the limit) remember to clean your toy properly. Cleaning prevents STI spread, bacterial growth and more, so it’s vital for safe play. All Lora DiCarlo toys come with a storage bag made from recycled plastic pulled from delicate waterways, so your clean toys will stay sparkly until they’re put to use again.

We can’t wait to hear more about the powerful climaxes you’ll enjoy with our warming line. The best part is they won’t be limited to G-spot and clitoral orgasms; anal stimulation also just got a lot easier, and a lot hotter.

Lube it up, clean it up, and choose the toy that best fits your needs. We guarantee your body will thank you!