Turn Up The Heat: Heat Up Your Sex Life With Our New Warming Sextech

Turn Up The Heat: Heat Up Your Sex Life With Our New Warming Sextech

Apr 14th 2021

You may have heard the news—our warming product line features three products, Tilt, Drift, and Sway, and they all have a cozy, sexy internal heating. We’ve talked a lot about the warming feature in our announcements, but we figured you might also be asking—how the heck does it work?

We’re all about making sextech accessible and relatable, so today we’re breaking down exactly how we fuel the fire behind Tilt, Drift, and Sway.

You’re Telling Me These Devices Heat Up?

First thing’s first. Our warming collection is designed to get you hot, but not bothered. All three pleasure devices heat quickly to 104° Fahrenheit, or just above body temperature. You’ll find the warmth soothing and stimulating, not overwhelming—whether you’re using them inside or out. As a reminder, here’s a quick rundown of each one.

  • Tilt - Two is better than one—especially when it comes to personal pleasure. That’s the concept behind Tilt, our vibrating plug that stimulates both the G-spot and P-spot (aka the highly sensitive and sexy urethral sponges). Tilt is a versatile, vibrating plug designed for vaginal and anal play and it’s perfect for private or public pleasure. Features soothing internal heating tech and deep, rumbly vibrations.
  • Drift - Ditch the old boring vibrator and explore all of your favorite sensations with Drift, curved in all the right places. Drift’s angled shape is designed to reach all the right spots, and the flattened head features a raised stimulation point for even more sensation against your erogenous zones. Features soothing internal heating tech and targeted vibration.
  • Sway - Double the good vibes with Sway, a double-ended device with seven intensity settings and three vibration patterns. Dual motors provide powerful vibrations on the G-spot, clitoris, P-spot or perineum. Great for couples of any kind, or spicy solo play! Features soothing internal heating tech and contoured ends for wherever you want to explore.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about what’s beneath the surface of our warming product line. Each one is made with a patent-pending thermal conductive polymer that heats uniformly and quickly. Thermally conductive materials come from high-tech and were developed to provide conductive cooling in products that produce a lot of heat; Lora DiCarlo is using this same material science to heat our products.

Other heated products on the market use wire to heat, but they don’t retain consistent heat throughout, leading to ‘bands’ of heat where wire is conducting to the plastic. In short, the heat isn’t distributed evenly and doesn’t feel as comfortable because it’s not all-over. Lora DiCarlo’s conductive polymer is 15 times more conductive than standard materials, so you don’t need to worry about uneven heat distribution, overheating, or uncomfortable temperature levels.

What’s Different About Your Tech?

Our products use a very specific, patent-pending polymer and it’s different from the materials other pleasure devices are made of. It includes nylon, which helps with stability and strength of the products. Our design also includes a highly conductive aluminum fiber. This combo is put through a high-tech polymer process during manufacturing and makes for a stellar heating system.

The difference is other products often include wires in their products, too, built throughout the material, but they’re chunkier. They can be uncomfortable and make heat concentrate in one spot—not good if you’re trying to orgasm. The polymer we crafted this collection from utilizes miniscule wires throughout the entirety of the material as part of the heating mechanism. The outside, soft-touch medical grade silicone is the same smooth feel you’ve always known and loved about Lora DiCarlo products.

No poking, no uncomfortableness. And, the heating? It’s fast. Tilt, Sway, and Drift all heat in mere seconds, whereas other toys often take longer. Get the soothing heat you want fast, all-over, and consistently. The only thing you’ll be feeling is bliss.

The new line is soothing and strong, providing warmth for increased stimulation in all the right places, and reinforced with metal fibers on the inside that are made to last. Our thermal conductive polymer in combination with our body safe silicone safely heats faster and more evenly than other products in this category—making sure we provide the best toys for women, men, and every gender on the spectrum.

What Else Do I Need To Know About The Warming Collection?

The last question you may have is “does the heat affect how I play?” And the answer is not at all. All the typical rules of lube, condoms, and cleaning apply; Tilt, Drift, and Sway are compatible for use with latex condoms, water-based lube, and can be cleaned using a mild soap and warm water or toy-specific cleaner.

Make sure you always use:

  • Lube - You can never use too much! Our new product line is designed for both internal and external stimulation, and if you’re new to P-spot and prostate stimulation you’ll especially want a smooth ride. Our own Fluid Aqua is toy-safe and replicates your body’s natural moisture, making a great companion for effortless, sexy play.
  • Condoms - If playing with multiple partners or sharing toys with someone else, you’ll want to use condoms to prevent STI spread! STIs aren’t shameful, but they’re also no joke. Protect yourself and others by wrapping it before you tap it.
  • Cleaning - Aftercare and toy cleaning are incredibly important. Be sure to choose a cleaner that’s safe for toys before applying to any Lora DiCarlo product. But no worries about getting wet and slippery; every Lora DiCarlo device is submersible so you can take the fun into the shower, bath, and so you can clean thoroughly after each use. Remember to let your devices dry before putting them back in the included storage bag—which by the way, is made from recycled plastic bottles taken from oceans and sensitive waterways!

The heat is on, and we’re here to help you explore. Don’t forget that each Lora DiCarlo product comes with a complimentary sexual wellness coaching session, so be sure to book yours online when you shop. We can’t wait to hear how you or your partner relaxes into new, powerful orgasms with these warming products.

We love to support customers, but the pleasure will be all yours!