Two More Awards From CES 2020

Two More Awards From CES 2020

Apr 14th 2021

Disrupting CES

We're excited to announce that we will be unveiling the two newest, award-winning innovations in the Lora DiCarlo family of products at CES 2020! What a change from our experience at CES 2019. In case you’ve missed it (though we’re not sure how that could have happened), here’s a recap of our history with CES.

In 2019, Osé won a CES Honoree Innovation Award only to have it taken away once the CTA realized that it was a pleasure tech product designed for people with vaginas. We were also banned from exhibiting at CES. We did not take this injustice lightly. We shared our story far and wide, and major news outlets and supporters around the world stood with us. Eventually (months later) the CTA did give our award back. We worked with them to develop new policies that will make CES a more welcoming environment for all. Together, we also came to the agreement that sex tech would be allowed to exhibit at CES 2020, in the health and wellness category, where it belongs.

Giving people ownership of their pleasure can lead to gender equity and empowerment far beyond the bedroom.

And now here we are! Not only are we allowed to exhibit our two new products alongside Osé this year, both of them have won the highly coveted CES Honoree Innovation Award as well! With these three awards, we have become one of the most highly recognized companies in robotic consumer products.

So, who exactly are these new members of the family?

Meet Baci and Onda!

Let’s start with Baci, whose name comes from the Italian word for kiss. Baci simulates the feel of the human mouth and tongue through the use of biomimicry and microrobotics. By providing gradual stimulation of the clitoris, Baci can help lead to an orgasm.

Onda, whose name is derived from the Italian word for wave, stimulates the G-spot by mimicking the “come hither” motion of a human finger. Onda is the first handheld microrobotic pleasure device of its kind.

Designed by our team of engineers, almost all of whom are female-identifying, Onda and Baci continue to push the boundaries of what is expected of tech; incorporating microrobotics that have 8 patents pending. Our products are intended to help women and those within the LGBTQ+ community explore their anatomy and pleasure, and discover the relationship between sexual health and overall wellness. Giving people ownership of their pleasure can lead to gender equity and empowerment far beyond the bedroom.

Winning the CES Honoree Innovation Awards is an incredible accomplishment for us, and for the wider community. We’re seeing greater push back against the status quo, and a rising call for increased inclusion and diversity across industries. Being able to exhibit at CES, and being thrice awarded, has given us an even larger opportunity to continue to push boundaries and disrupt the homogenous world of CES and the wider tech and business industries.