Lora DiCarlo Drives Change to CES Policies

Everyone loves an underdog story. When a community rallies around an unlikely protagonist, standing up together for something they believe in, demanding change and rising victorious in the face of adversity, systemic change can occur.  

It just so happens that our underdog story with CES was the one to grab the world’s attention, and fortunately, we are a very tenacious group. The march towards meaningful policy change takes doggedness and repetition, repetition, repetition. This week, CES announced updated policies, which were crafted with our input and advisement.

Specific updates include:

  • CES has expanded the Health & Wellness exhibitor category to include sextech. This change will have positive ramifications for many other new and emerging technologies, companies, and brands. It represents a willingness to consider human sexuality as an integral part of health and well-being.
  • Pornography, VR or otherwise, will no longer be allowed at the show. This will create an environment that is safer and more inclusive for all attendees, especially femme-identified people.

Look for us at CES 2020!

We’ll see you there!


We are pleased with the improvements made to CES policies and are eager to see them implemented. Our aim has always been to share a contemporary and diverse perspective with the CTA and CES in order to spur the necessary changes to this institution, which prides itself on innovation.

The process of inclusion begins with policy and the language used to craft it. We have made it clear from the start, that the reinstatement of our award was just one step towards achieving real change, and that enhancing diversity, and creating an environment of safety and inclusion was our end goal. We hope this will result in a show that truly supports and celebrates a broad range of companies, founders and innovators.

Our founder Lora Haddock said:

"We firmly believe that sextech should not be excluded from the world's largest technology showcase and celebration of innovation and influence. Sextech has driven business and technology for decades and shows no sign of stopping. It is important to acknowledge a place for sextech in human health and its potential for innovation."