Taking Sex Out of The Shadows: A sex positive proclamation

Do you remember the first time you masturbated? What about the first time you were caught masturbating? I do. My mother screamed and called me a witch. Can we say puritanical?

Sadly, many of us have similar stories. Even in today's slightly more sex positive and body positive environment, the natural development and exploration of our bodies is often met with shame and judgement, or at the very least, we are told that it is something to be done in private and never, ever spoken about. Fast forward approximately ten years later, and so began a series of confusing and unsatisfying sexual encounters that I was still not supposed to speak about for fear of being labeled a slut.

The oppression of women's sexuality and the demonizing of our most basic biological instinct is one of our greatest failings as a society. This mindset and the related cultural stigmas hearken back to a time when women were merely chattel and their sexuality was intrinsically linked to their fertility. This construct is not only archaic but draconian, and the fact that we are still arguing against it in 2019 is truly mind-boggling. Can we please just evolve already?

Instead of allowing for open dialogue and learning from one another, as we learn about ourselves, we are expected to censor an entire part of our lives and our experience. Just as we are cheered on for breaking glass ceilings and infiltrating the boys’ club, we are still not viewed as whole people with complex emotional and yes, even sexual lives.

At Lora DiCarlo we are setting out to change this; we're taking sex out of the shadows and bringing it into the light. Our revolutionary new product, the Osé, is designed specifically to help you learn about your body and celebrate your pleasure. Through exploration comes understanding, knowledge, and power. The ability to confidently tell a partner what you like, how you want to be touched and where, is a revolutionary act. When we take ownership of our sexuality, prying it from the cold, clammy hands of the patriarchy, we are one step closer towards equality and gender equity.


We believe in a world that is sex positive, body positive and free from sexual stigma and shame.


Sexual freedom has wide reaching effects past the bedroom. It can boost confidence in everyday life and promote intimacy in romantic and platonic relationships. In countries where women are permitted to have agency over their bodies, there is no shortage of positive societal and economic implications.  

We support the open dialogue about issues relating to sex and sexuality and (gasp!) orgasms. We seek to empower women and people with vaginas and create a space for sharing of their unique experiences and identities.

In this blog, you will find an ongoing and in-depth discussion of all sorts of topics including:

  • The blended orgasm (not just a myth, a beautiful possibility)
  • Heroines of tech and business
  • Your unique vaginal anatomy
  • Finding the Gräfenberg spot (that’s your G-Spot)
  • Period sex
  • The value of inclusivity in tech & business
  • An exploration of kink and fetishes
  • Queer sex
  • Polyamory
  • The future of tech (and how sex tech drives innovation)
  • What we’re doing as a company to drive our social mission
  • And more
Sexual health is an important component to overall health, and so we will also be sharing information on wellness related topics like pelvic muscles, how to perform a kegel (and why it's so important), and your unique anatomy (and how to maximize your enjoyment of it).

We will be developing this blog with your input, so keep an eye out for our polls on Facebook and Instagram, where we will be taking your questions and suggestions for topics to cover as we embark on this journey towards knowledge and empowerment together. Do you have a story to share? We’d love to hear it. No topic is too taboo and we don't believe in stupid questions, so if there is something that your public school sex-ed class neglected to adequately educate on, we're here for you.