Lora Haddock Elected to Technology Association of Oregon Board of Directors

Our Founder & CEO, Lora Haddock, is serious about her mission to increase the representation of women in technology and business. To this end, she was recently appointed to the board for the Technology Association of Oregon, (TAO), where she will serve an initial three-year term. Lora’s experience in the fields of healthcare, engineering and business gives her a breadth of knowledge and perspective to draw upon.

Lora’s passion for creating inclusive spaces and opportunities for all people aligns perfectly with the mission of TAO. Lora, along with her fellow board members, will help guide the organization toward its goal of creating a world-class and inclusive innovation economy in the state of Oregon and Southwest Washington.

With the population in the state of Oregon booming, there is no better time to develop a workforce and retain talent for the technology industry. TAO is working to meet this need by promoting public policies that support statewide economic development, creating networking opportunities for professionals in the industry, supporting access to capital for entrepreneurs, and developing educational resources.

Lora will offer unique insight into the needs of disruptive tech startups and female founders, as she has learned through experience in founding Lora DiCarlo. After fighting back from the gender bias she faced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Lora made national news headlines. She advised the CTA on changes to policy language that would create safe and inclusive experiences for all exhibitors and attendees of their annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). In addition to shining a light on this issue, Lora DiCarlo’s debut product, Osé, was awarded for Innovation in Robotics and Engineering by CES.

Lora joins a class of seven other new board members for TAO, representing companies throughout the Northwest including Verizon, PGE and Daimler.