The Blended Orgasm: Not just a myth. A beautiful possibility.

So, you want to have a blended orgasm. Well, my friends, you’ve come to the right place. And who can blame you? Recently the topic of the blended orgasm, (and thankfully, female sexual pleasure in general), has become a more widely discussed topic.

(We still have significant progress to make on this front, however.)

There is no shortage of magazine covers promising to reveal the secrets of the best, most mind-blowing orgasm of your life! Women’s Health Magazine even calls it the “holy grail of orgasms.” While that’s a worthy goal to strive for, we wanted to take a step back, and give you some information about the how and the why of the mythical blended orgasm.

Blended orgasms are essentially a combined G-spot and clitoral orgasm (though technically you can have other types of blended orgasms including A-spot orgasms, P-spot orgasms and nipple orgasms.)

If you are one of 36.6% of women who require external clitoral stimulation to achieve climax, we’ve got some good news for you: blended orgasms and g-spot orgasms are not just a myth. They are a beautiful possibility.

In short, blended orgasms can occur when the entire clitoris is stimulated from two different directions. The entire clitoris, you say? Oh, yes! This small-but-mighty pleasure center is much larger than many people think, and most of it is actually inside of your body!

The Almighty Clitoris
The structure of the clitoris is actually made up of four main components:
  1. The Glans, which is hooded but located externally, and that nub at the top portion of the vulva that you are probably most familiar with
  2. The Body, which is the internal continuation of the Glans
  3. The Crura, which is internal and extends from the Body to the left and right and wraps around the vaginal opening
  4. And the Bulbs, which are also internal and positioned in front of the Crura

The Crura are mainly erectile tissue and become engorged when stimulated and aroused. The entire structure of the clitoris has thousands of nerve endings, receptors and blood vessels.Anatomy of the clitoris


Anatomy of the clitoris and pelvis


The G-Spot
And what of the mythical G-spot orgasm? (Side note: the technical name for this erogenous zone is the Gräfenberg spot, and we have Dr. Beverly Whipple to thank for the popularizing of this anatomical majesty.)

The G-spot is actually just a part of the female erectile network (FEN for fun and short) and is where the two clitoral Bulbs connect inside of your vagina.  

Okay, so there’s a quick anatomy lesson to aid in our understanding of “the how” of a blended orgasm.

Finding the G-spot
As we mentioned earlier, to achieve a blended orgasm, the entire clitoris needs to be stimulated. That means in addition to giving some love to the external Glans, you need to, err, get up in there.

The G-spot is your target and is most easily found once you are already aroused. It can take some patience and a willingness to experiment with your own unique anatomy to find it the first time around. In this era of body-positivity we have mostly accepted that we are all different on the outside, and the same is true for our internal anatomy. Embrace the journey and create your personal pleasure map.

Anatomical location of the G-spot


Once you are aroused and lubricated (always use lube friends, it is important for so many reasons), you can find your G-spot by feeling inside of your vaginal canal for a slightly rough, spongy area toward the front of your pubis.

Stimulating this area with a come-hither motion with one or two fingers, while simultaneously stimulating the external clitoral Glans, is the ticket. As our founder and CEO always says, this takes some know-how and a few toys or a very talented partner. That is until she, and our brilliant team of engineers, created Osé.

Osé accomplishes all of this in a single design. Osé adapts to your personal anatomy to hit all the right spots during play. It was designed to help you learn about and enjoy your body.

There you have it. Blended orgasms are the result of a comprehensive approach to clitoral stimulation. What do you think? Will you be doing some exploring of your own?