Diversity and Inclusivity at MUSE Conference - Lora DiCarlo

World MUSE is a fantastic organization that inspires all women and people with vaginas to create positive social change from within. Each year they host the MUSE Conference here in Bend, bringing together a powerhouse of speakers doing their best to make the world more diverse, inclusive, and equitable. 

This year Lora DiCarlo founder and CEO Lora Haddock was invited to speak about the widespread gender-bias in tech, along-side some of our all time heroines like Cecile Richards (former President of Planned Parenthood, Tanara Burke (Founder of the #MeToo Movement), and Rachel Cargle (activist and writer). Lora’s main focus was on the importance of building a company with diversity and inclusion hardcoded into its DNA. 

"We're growing and changing every day but really what our company is rooted in, our values are Respect, Empowerment and Integrity” she explained to comedian Shanan Kelly, “and that seats us very firmly in a culture of true inclusivity.”

Nearly the entire Lora DiCarlo team was able to attend the conference and participate in Rachel Cargle's workshop Unpacking White Feminism. The huge take-away for the team was that we are all working towards the same goals, but we all have something we can learn from each other, as well as something we can teach each other. We just have to be open and truly listen to what others have to teach us.


A few highlights from the conference:

Rachel Cargle with Tanara Burke

Rachel Cargle interviewing Tanara Burke


Rachel Cargel, Julie Harelson, Traci Rossi, Lora Haddock, & Rane Stempson


Lora Haddock, Cecile Richards, & Sarah Brown