Oregon Business interviews our CEO and founder Lora calling her The Feminist of Pleasure Tech

"Don’t ever be quiet,” she says. Some people are absolutely going to shoot you down and make you feel like you don’t belong in the places that you deserve to be. So just keep fighting. Thanks to CES's decision, we have been honored to share a stage with other influential women. 

"If the CTA had hoped to diminish Lora DiCarlo’s profile by banning the company from its show, their effort more than backfired. The conflict was covered by The New York Times, Forbes, Popular Mechanics and Cosmopolitan, among other national and tech publications. Haddock has since received invitations to speak at Bend’s Muse Women’s Conference, the South by Southwest music festival, Forbes magazine’s inaugural Under 30 Global Women’s Summit in Tel Aviv and TechCrunch Disrupt." -Eileen Garvin

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    Lora Haddock, CEO of Lora DiCarlo ( Jason E. KaplanLora)