The New York Times Covers CES banning Osé and the bias against female pleasure

What's so indecent about female pleasure? Nothing. Lora DiCarlo is determined to normalize female pleasure and put sextech at the center stage of CES and other electronic conventions.

"A personal massager, a sperm counter, virtual-reality pornography, something described as “the world’s first ebook-driven sex toy”: All of these products have been exhibited at CES, the country’s largest consumer electronics convention. Two of them won awards there. So Lora Haddock was surprised when Osé, a hands-free sex toy she designed with a team of engineers from Oregon State University, had its CES Innovation Award revoked after three weeks." -Valeriya Safronova, Reporter, The New York Times

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Evie Smith, who handles public relations for Lora DiCarlo, promoting the Osé at an event near CES. Credit Glenn Chapman/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images