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Tease and please your internal pleasure points with pinpointed strokes that mimic the come-hither motion of a finger. With 7 stroking speeds, 3 stroke patterns, and 9 different vibration settings, Curva allows for endless exploration with yourself or your partner.


Ergonomically Placed Controls

Push forward, pull back, or move in deeper. Curva’s thoughtful design will give you full control of the stimulation. Once you find the perfect spot, try changing the stroke pattern to pulse or stutter, and add an extra vibration boost to bring your climax to new heights.

Curva Adult Product control panel.

Human Touch, ENGINEERED.

Max-Intensity Level Strong Medium Medium Strong
Internal Stimulation
External Stimulation - -
G-Spot Stimulation
Prostate Stimulation -
Stroking Motions -
Stroking Patterns - - -
Powerful Vibrations -
Self-Warming - - -
Beginner Friendly - -
Retail Price $200 USD
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$180 USD
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$150 USD
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$290 USD
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Fit Guide 1
  • Toggles up & down through 7 stroking speeds & 3 stroking patterns
  • Cycles one-way up through 4 vibration speeds & 5 vibration patterns. Press & hold to go back to idle mode
  • Press and hold the power button to turn on or off. One-Touch: Press the button once to turn the stroking function off and return vibe to speed 1.
  • Medical grade silicone and ABS plastic
Product Specification
  • Overall dimensions: 220 x 43 x 86 mm
  • Insertable length: Up to 118mm
  • Insertable width: 35 mm
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Run time: 35-45 mins on max speeds
  • IPX7 Waterproof

Knowledge Is Power

You have questions. We have answers.

When can I expect my Curva to arrive?

Curva is our first self-funded product launch. As such, orders of Curva will not be able to ship until we reach our sales goal. For the most up to date information and status please go to: Product Status Updates.

How do I fit Curva?

Before first time use, we recommend trying out Curva’s settings and also familiarizing yourself with your internal anatomy to understand how Curva will fit comfortably against your body. You can learn more about measuring and exploring your internal erogenous zones in our blog.

How is Curva different from other products?

Our in-house engineering team took valuable customer feedback from our other products and applied these changes in the creation of Curva. Curva’s stroking motions are smoother and have a more “thrusting” feel. It also offers an upgraded design, broader speed settings, and NEW stroke patterns for overall improved performance. Design: This new product offers an ergonomically curved design – similar to a joystick. This will allow you to have full control over the depth, pressure, and position so you can manually pinpoint your G-spot or prostate with ease. Because of this new design, the stroking length is tighter so you can hold it on your favorite spots. The shaft is also slimmer than other products, like the Onda, to allow for easier vaginal or anal insersion, and the massage tip is flatter to let the massage balls roll smoothly over your pleasure points. Speeds and Patterns: Curva also has more settings so you can find your unique recipe for mind-blowing pleasure. Curva offers 7 speed settings, 9 vibration intensities, and 3 new stroking patterns. Finally, you can move through pulsing or stuttering strokes to switch up the sensation throughout your pleasure experience. With the control buttons placed conveniently at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to explore new internal sensations. Noise: Due to Curva’s revised design and smoother strokes, it’s also quieter than our other stroking products (Osé 2, and Onda)!

What kind of lube should I use with it?

Only use water-based lube and personal moisturizers with Curva. Do not use oil or silicone-based lube as they can damage the device. We recommend using our Well Balanced CBD Lube, as it will enhance your pleasure by relaxing your muscles, easing tension, and increasing sensitivities. Plus, the healing properties of carrageenan will hydrate and moisturize your skin while helping you keep a balanced vaginal pH.

Does it fit all people with vaginas?

We designed Curva to fit as many internal anatomies as possible. The sleek shaft is narrow enough to glide in with ease, and the manual handle will allow you to explore your G-spot and find your perfect angle. Depending on your G-spot location, Curva may not need to be inserted very far. Just make sure that the moving stroking massager is completely past your vaginal entrance. Also, do not insert or remove the product while it is powered on. Activating the one-touch setting will help facilitate safe removal. *See button/function description diagram above.

Can I use this if I have never had a G-spot or prostate orgasm?

YES! Everyone’s body is different and Curva is a great way to explore new sensations and get to know your body even better. We recommend checking out our blog for more info on how to explore your G-spot or Prostate.

Does the charger work in other countries?

Curva comes equipped with a USB charging cable so it can be used with any safe USB wall charger.

What makes Curva’s technology and design innovative?

Curva was designed using biomimicry, taking the human motions of the finger and translating these into microrobotic motions that were correlated to subjective measurements of pressure and frequency. These physical measurements were then optimized in software and programmed into our mechanical devices (yup, robotics!). The come-hither motion in Curva’s stroking massager utilizes a custom motor and gearbox to provide a motion in a narrow area for optimal internal stimulation. In addition to the stroking feature, Curva offers a vibration boost for a dynamic stimulation experience.

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