Filare FAQs

Filare FAQ's

My Filare does not work or charge what should I do?

Is Filare waterproof?

What position should I use Filare in?

What are the best ways to use Filare?

Can I use Filare when I'm on my period?

Can I use Filare while pregnant?

How long should I charge Filare?

How long does the battery last on Filare?

What does Filare come with?

What is Filare?

What features does Filare have?

What are the benefits of Filare?

Filare Specifications

How is Filare different from other clitoral stimulators?

What is the warranty on my Filare?

How do I clean my Filare?

Can we share Filare between partners?

How many Filare's can I purchase at one time?

Does Filare have an automatic turn off?

How do I use Filare?

What is Filare made of?

Does Filare have a product lock?

What type of lube can I use with my Filare?

How do I register my Filare?

How do I dispose of my Filare?