1. Remove the cap, by grasping the bottom of the device with one hand and gently squeezing the sides. With your other hand, push down on the top of the cap and twist, just like you would remove a childproof cap on a pill bottle or the lid on a jar. When your Baci is brand new, it may require a few firm twists back and forth to break the seal. If you encounter any difficulty, please reach out to us at

2. Charge your Baci for at least 1 hour before the first use.

3.Wash with mild soap and water or your favorite silicone-safe cleaner.

4. Apply a water-based lubricant or personal moisturizer to the Clitoral Stimulator and Mouth. Do not use lubricants that contain silicone or oils-this could cause damage to the product and reduce the lifespan of your device.

5. Spread the outer labia and ensure that the Clitoral Stimulator is fully pressed against the lower part of the vulva with the Mouth positioned over the glans clitoris. Explore to find the right position and pressure, it can be different for every person.

6. Press and hold the power button to turn on.

7. Customize your desired stimulation by using the intensity button (button E). Take your time to adjust, explore, and enjoy.

8. To end your session, firmly press and hold the power button to turn off.

9. Thoroughly clean and dry your device before storing.



Before first time use, we recommend familiarizing yourself with your own anatomy to understand how Baci will fit confortably against your body. It may take a few sessions to explore and find the position and intensity you prefer. Note how the Clitoral Stimulator should fit between the outer labia and the Clitoral Mouth over the glans clitoris.



The clitoris is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones due to its high concentration of nerve endings. The glans clitoris is the outer portion you can see and it sits at the top of the vulva, resting beneath the clitoral hood. The full body of th eclitoris is larger than most assume, extending down the vulva, around the vaginal entrance and deep into the front wall of the vaginal canal. With its unique stimulator shape, Baci is designed to stimulate both the glans clitoris and the portion that extends below the surface.



• Baci has two unique parts that provide stimulation to the clitoris: the Clitoral Mouth and Stimulator.

• The Clitoral Mouth is designed to be placed over the glans clitoris (the part of the clitoris you can see) or against any part of the vulva.

• The Clitoral Stimulator is designed to rest against the vulva, pressed against the inner labia and in between the outer labia. This allows the unique ridges of the stimulator to thrum against the parts of the clitoris hidden below the surface.


A. Clitoral Mouth - replicates the sensation of the mouth and tongue over the glans clitoris.

B. Clitoral Stimulator - rests between the outer labia to provide thrumming throughout the full body of the clitoris.

C. Protective cover - premium cover for clean storage.

D. Power Button - turns Baci ON/OFF.

E. Stimulation Intensity Button - controls the intensity of stimulation (+/-) with 10 intensity levels.

F. Magnetic Charging Points - magnetically connects to the USB charging cable provided.


Charge Baci for at least 1 hour before the first use by placing the magnetic USB charging cable over the two metal dots on the back of the device and connecting to a safe power source.

Once plugged in Baci will display the charging status by gradually lighting the circle around the power button. When the circle is fully lit with a solid white light, your devide is fully charged.

Note: Do not charge while in water or while the product is wet. Always make sure th eUSB charging cable and charging points on the device are completely dry before charging.

Use only the official Lora DiCarlo magnetic USB charging cable to ensure safe and effective charging.


The circle light will begin to flutter when there are 5 minutes of use time remaining.


If the Clitoral Stimulator is not activated within 5 minutes, Baci will turn off automatically to conserve power.




To ensure Baci doesn't turn on at the wrong time, such as during travel, you can disable and lock all of Baci's buttons. Simultaneously press and hold the power button and the decrease intensity button (E-), th eLED will flutter rapidly to signify lock. Repeat this combination to unlock the device and the LED will flutter again.


Always clean Baci with mild soap and water or a purpose-made, silicone-safe cleanser before and after each use. Baci is waterproof so you can run it under the faucet or fully submerge it for thorough cleaning. Be sure to clean inside the clitoral mouth as well using a finger, soft cloth, or cotton swab. Wipe dry with a clean lint-free cloth and store in a cool, dry location.

Use only water-based lubricants and personal moisturizers, as oil or silicone-based formulas can damage the materials and reduce the lifespan of your device.

NOTE:Do not boil, microware, or run Baci through a dishwasher or sterilizer, as extreme heat and harsh detergents can damage the product. Do not use silicone, alcohol, acetone, petroleum, acidic, or alkaline-based products on Baci as it can damage the product materials.