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Blended Orgasms


The Beauty of Blended

The blended orgasm has been called the “holy grail of orgasms”. Ignoring the religious connotation, the implication here is:

  • The pursuit of it is beneficial
  • The payoff is worth it
  • It is a journey, so enjoy it every step of the way

A blended orgasm is any combination of two or more simultaneous orgasms. We’re going to focus on clitoral and vaginal orgasms, the most commonly enjoyed, with 68% of people with vaginas reporting that the pairing produces one of the best orgasms they’ve experienced.

Getting to Know Your Clitoris

The clitoris is quite a bit larger and more complex than many people realize. It’s made up of the glans—the external hooded portion of the clitoris (this is the part most people are familiar with)—and the body, the internal continuation of the glans. There’s also the crura which are internal and extend from the body to the left and right and wrap around the vaginal opening. The bulbs are also internal and are in front of the crura connecting at the front of the vaginal wall. This roughly 10cm long wonder is packed with over 8,000 nerve-endings. The clitoris’s sole purpose is to deliver pleasure.

With 68% of people with vaginas finding external and internal stimulation of the clitoris to be the most pleasurable, (the G-Spot is actually part of the clitoris, but we’ll get to that in a moment) it’s not surprising that 36.6% of people need external clitoral stimulation to climax. It’s important not to overlook the power of the glans clitoris. A staggering 93% of people enjoy clitoral stimulation (Female Sexual Pleasure Study, Attitudes and Usage, June 2019). In the same study, we surveyed over 1,000 people with vaginas about their preferred form of stimulation. Here’s what we found:

  • 61% prefer sucking or oral sex
  • 58% prefer pulsating or vibrating
  • 54% prefer an up and down stroking motion over the clitoral hood
  • 50% prefer a tight circular or ovular stroking motion over the hood

We’ve listed just a few of the many different forms of preferred stimulation. Both speed and pressure play into clitoral arousal. Here are a few of the most commonly preferred speeds:

  • 33% prefer a build-up from a slow to a fast speed
  • 24% prefer the speeds to alternate
  • 23% prefer a medium speed

As for the amount of pressure:

  • 39% prefer a mixture of different amounts of pressure
  • 33% prefer medium pressure
  • 17% prefer firm pressure

Try experimenting with a number of different speeds and pressure. When you find what feels great, keep going! You’re on your way to an orgasm. If you’re curious about learning more about the clitoris and clitoral orgasms, you can do so here.

Getting to Know Your G-Spot

The vaginal canal itself has very few nerve endings, which is a blessing. Could you imagine pushing an 8 pound human out of a 3-centimeter wide channel that was chock-full of nerve endings? NOPE. However, your clitoris has over 8,000 nerve endings, and some of those can be stimulated internally through your vaginal wall.

Located approximately 2 inches inside the vagina, on the anterior wall, the G-spot is a small patch of erectile tissue and most importantly, nerves. This is the point where the bulbs of the clitoris connect at the front of the vaginal wall. This network of nerves and tissue is all part of your CUV, and the clitoris—in its entirety—is the key to it all. It can take some time to locate your target. You can find it by inserting your finger(s) approximately 1 to 2 inches into the vagina with your palm up. Angle your fingers towards the front of the body. You’re looking for an area with a different texture to the rest of the vagina. In some cases, it can help to massage the thighs, buttocks and/or labia beforehand to help you relax.

An amazing 92% of people with vaginas prefer G-spot stimulation, making it nearly tied with clitoral stimulation as the most enjoyable. To stimulate your G-spot, start by gently stroking the front vaginal wall while applying pressure. It might feel a bit odd or uncomfortable at first, and you may feel as if you need to pee. Often it can take a little while to figure out the most enjoyable amount of pressure and movement. The people we surveyed for our Female Sexual Pleasure study reported the following about G-spot stimulation:

  • 33% prefer alternating speeds
  • 30% prefer a build-up from slow to fast
  • 19% prefer a medium speed

While it might take a bit to find the perfect combination for you and your body, keep at it. You could very well experience a new type of orgasm. If you want to learn more about the G-spot and G-spot orgasms, you can do so here.

A Winning Combination

Once you have mastered your G-spot, or at least become well acquainted, it’s time to put all the pieces together. The G-spot orgasm occurs as a result of prolonged stimulation of the area. Pay attention to the sensations as they increase in intensity. Before your arousal peaks, add stimulation to your clitoral glans. If you are using a toy or your fingers, you will achieve optimal results if your clitoris is wet, so this is no time to shy away from lube. Apply consistent and rhythmic strokes to your G-spot, while utilizing your favorite technique on your clitoris. You will know when you hit the jackpot.

Learning about your body can help you teach partners how to achieve one of these wonderful orgasms. You can explore your body with a partner, but often it's a more relaxing experience to experiment on your own; you have time and space to get to know your body without needing to think about another person.

Adult toys are a great resource when exploring blended orgasms. Osé is designed specifically for blended orgasms. Designed using biomimicry, Osé simulates human-like motions, such as a come-hither movement of fingers over the G-spot and the sensation of the human mouth and tongue on the clitoris. Osé is also fully customizable and adjustable, making it possible for you to fully explore your preferences and experience intense orgasms.

What Does a Blended Orgasm Feel Like?

Reports and adjectives vary, but everyone we surveyed has one thing in common; they say it’s the most intense orgasm they’ve ever had. While clitoral orgasms tend to be fairly localized to the pelvic region, G-spot orgasms are characterized by a generalized sensation in your core and abdomen. Put the two together, and you can experience a full-bodied joy-ride.

The Benefits of Orgasms

Orgasms do more for us than just elicit pleasurable sensations. They release a number of different hormones including oxytocin, which decreases the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) in your system. Oxytocin not only reduces stress, but also benefits the skin by reducing inflammation. The reduction in inflammation can help acne become less noticeable. Orgasms are also a natural mood booster, releasing the happy hormone dopamine. The greater levels of oxytocin and dopamine help you feel more relaxed, making it easier to get better sleep. Isn’t it great that orgasms give us all these benefits while also feeling amazing?

If you are familiar with your clitoris, and the orgasms it can produce, you know that external clitoral stimulation is usually the shortest route to orgasm. That’s great for when you need to get off and get going, but if you have some time to spare, and a willing partner (or a toy designed specifically to aid you in this quest), discovering what a blended orgasm feels like could very well be life-changing. That was certainly the case for our Founder & CEO, Lora Haddock.

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