Lubricant & Massage Oil

Lora DiCarlo is the creator of some of the top rated sex toys in the market, but we know everyone's least favorite part of using a vibrator is the part that comes after you do, clean up. That's why we put so much care into crafting our line of cleaners, massage oils, and personal lubricants.

FDA approved Fluid Aqua - is our non-greasy and non-staining sex lubricant (it is FDA approved so it is safe to consume and this lube tastes good too! Fluid Coco is our coconut based massage oil, best for sexy foreplay and massage.

For a health-conscious spin on the best way to clean your sex toys, grab a bottle of Product Cleaner, our anti-bacterial foaming sex toy cleaner formulated with organic ingredients and is sulfate and paraben free.

Through our conversations with many of our customers and experts in the sexology field, we know that painful sex is a challenge many have had to work thorugh. On a quest to make sex, vaginal penetration, less painful we created Well Balanced, our thoughtfully crafted, ph-balancing, CBD lube that increases blood flow, arousal and muscle relaxation to help you achieve your best orgasms! Well Balanced has the highest CBD concentration of any other CBD lubricants in the market, it has a palatable flavor and has a viscous and creamy texture making application easy and mess free.

At this time, we are only able to ship our liquid products to USA locations.