The Only Hands-Free Product Designed For Blended Orgasms

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Osé, awarded for innovation in robotics by CES, is the only product designed for hands-free blended orgasms. Using advanced micro-robotics, it mimics all of the sensations of a human mouth, tongue and fingers for an experience that feels just like a real partner. No need for vibrations. It even flexes and adapts to your body for a personal, hands-free fit that hits all the right spots - because there are better uses for your hands.


A blended orgasm is a combined clitoral and g-spot (vaginal) orgasm and hitting both of those spots in exactly the right way requires either a talented partner or Osé, the only pleasure product designed to perfectly fit your anatomy and hit all the right spots. Read more in depth about the blended orgasm on our blog


RealFeel G-spot Massage
Unique g-spot massager caresses like a real partner, with a come-hither motion that uses advanced micro-robotic technology to get that perfect sensation.

Hands-Free Technology
Osé flexes and adapts to perfectly fit your body and always stays in place. Free your hands so your mind can wander.

BioMimic Clitoral Sensations
Touchless stimulation that feels like a partner’s mouth pulsing along the entire body of the clitoris, even the parts you can’t see.

No Vibrations
Osé doesn’t need vibrations to get you there, just completely personalized g-spot and clitoral stimulation that perfectly fits your body.

100% Body-safe & Waterproof 
Made entirely of medical-grade silicone, Osé is completely body-safe and waterproof so you can enjoy it in the bath, shower or hot tub.