Power To Pleasure

Pleasure, whether experienced through sex or otherwise, helps build a foundation of confidence and understanding oneself, which empowers people in many ways, including strengthening the desire to empower and support others through activism and social change.

This June, Lora DiCarlo is celebrating Pride by sharing stories from our friends of their journey to pleasure empowerment, along with making donations to their favorite LGBTQ+ nonprofit organizations.


Cameron Glover, a sex educator and columnist, explains Power To Pleasure best in her written piece “Pleasure As Resistance”, which you can read in full on our blog.

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“But marginalized people have fought hard to be seen within the limitations of what sex looked like for them that it has pushed for the evolution of experiencing pleasure.”


Johnny Righini is a sex + kink positive FEMME trans man living in the Bay Area. Read about Johnny's journey to finding his Power To Pleasure and owning his orgasm in his article "IOU".

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“Sex after trauma and post transition has been a solid source of healing for me. This has allowed me the privilege of experiencing pleasure that transcends far beyond just my sexual/physical being and interconnects emotional, psychological and spiritual spectrums of release as well.”


Corey Camperchioli is the writer, producer, and star of "Femme", a short film which toured the world and is currently being adapted to television.

Find Corey @coreycamp and www.CoreyCamperchioli.com

“After touring the world to over 40 film festivals across 10 countries, FEMME has helped me learn how to love myself as is, and has helped so many others do the same.  It also landed me on the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the Hollywood and Entertainment category, which, to be honest, felt orgasmic. #FreeYourFemme”


What's your story about finding your pleasure empowerment? Share your story with us.

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