Meet the Lora DiCarlo Team!

We are women, men, non-binary, gender non-conforming, straight, and LGBTQ+ folks vocally claiming our space in pleasure and tech and creating products that we would (joyfully) use ourselves.

Lora Haddock – Founder and CEO

Lora has over a decade of experience in healthcare, and after an honorable discharge from the US Navy she enrolled in a pre-med program. As a self-described “anatomy geek”, Lora became fascinated with the psychological, physiological, and anatomical aspects of the female orgasm. She left med school to design functional product specifications determined to produce the perfect orgasm, drawing on years of research and anatomical data she had gathered from hundreds of women. She founded Lora DiCarlo in 2017 and began her journey towards launching new physiologically appropriate women’s health and wellness products.

Sarah Brown – Director of Marketing

Sarah has more than six years of experience in product development, marketing, branding, and retail in luxury intimate wellness and sexual health. She has managed luxury wellness brands globally, including the US, Asia, and European markets. Another self-described “anatomy geek”, she loves creating products to empower women and people with vaginas to explore and get to know their own bodies.

Dr. Ada-Rhodes Short, PhD – Senior Mechatronic Design Engineer

Dr. Short has a PhD in mechanical engineering from Oregon State University, and a research focus on design, automation, and decision-making. She brings six years experience in cutting-edge robotic and artificial intelligence work for both private industries and major research universities.

Mark Hazelton – Director of Production

Mark graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Industrial Engineering, and has more than 30 years experience in engineering, personnel management, and manufacturing. He joined Lora DiCarlo in 2017 after meeting Lora and seeing the huge potential for innovation with her inventions.

Avery Smith – Engineering Assistant

Avery is an undergraduate student at OSU studying mechanical engineering. She is passionate about being a maker and designing consumer products that push the limits.

Mazie Houchens – Engineering Assistant

Mazie is an undergraduate student at OSU in pre-mechanical engineering. She enjoys going outside of her comfort zone and diving head first into new and exciting challenges.

Kim Porter – Director of Engineering

Kim’s extensive experience with product design and engineering includes work with internationally recognized brands such as Starbucks, Nike and Intel which were just a few of her clients during her tenure with world-renowned Ziba Design. Her earlier stints included designing NASA spacesuits at ILC Dover and footwear in Nike’s first engineering lab. After Ziba Design, Kim applied her strategic thinking and engineering strengths to the entrepreneurial arena by founding her own design firm, HatchOne. Kim knew at a young age that she wanted to design products inspired by human movement. High end sex-tech with Lora DiCarlo allows Kim to be at the forefront of innovation in biomimetics and robotics. She carries a Bachelors of Science in Engineering Science and Mechanics, with an emphasis in Biomedical Engineering  from Iowa State University.