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"A survey of 2,000 Americans reveals that more than two-thirds of people (68%) believe unsatisfying sex is a deal breaker in a relationship. The study, commissioned by tech startup Lora DiCarlo for Sexual Health Awareness Month, also found that four in 10 participants feel they’ve never experienced a true orgasm and that 17% of Americans are faking an orgasm during sex."
"Sex tech allows individuals the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of their own bodies, sexual preferences and needs, which, in turn, translates to a deeper understanding of one’s self and can be used to inspire better communication between partners.”
"In an exclusive interview, Cara and founder Lora DiCarlo tell us their big goals for the brand, plan our holiday shopping, and, um, do a sex toy puppet show over Zoom, sort of."
"7 Tips To Overcome Sexual Hang-Ups, from a Sex Coach."
"Cara Delevingne was recently named co-owner and creative advisor of Lora DiCarlo, a women-led sex toy company. Cara told W Magazine that she's been a fan of the brand since 2019, before it launched, saying she's always aligned with the values."
"How and when are entrepreneurs born? Founder & CEO Lora DiCarlo tells all in this first-person interview. You are the architect of your success. Build it with positive self-talk. You are allowed to make mistakes. You will make mistakes. Show up and try, because attempting is success."
"Cara Delevingne announced that she’s joined sexual wellness and tech company Lora DiCarlo as co-owner and creative adviser. “Women have the same urges and needs as any other person yet we are ashamed to talk about how we take care of our own pleasure,” she tells Vogue. “I hope to help break down the walls and barriers, and show that it’s a topic we can openly and confidently discuss."
"Getting yourself to feel like a hot, desirable baddie during the coronavirus pandemic can be difficult when you're wearing sweatpants and stressing out about the state of the world 24/7, but it's not impossible."
"Lora DiCarlo, the sex tech startup founded by Lora Haddock DiCarlo, is among a new wave of women-led companies changing the way people think and talk about sexual wellness."
"There was one week in November 2020 when four different beautiful movie stars announced they had nabbed powerful new jobs — not in Hollywood, but at wellness and jewelry startups."
"Delevingne will be joining the company as co-owner and creative advisor, meaning that she’ll be working to amplify Lora DiCarlo's message of femme and LGBTQ+ sexual wellness, while also contributing to everything from creative input and campaign conceptualisation."
"Ultimately, my orgasm with the Baci was more magnificent then, um, most of the oral experiences I’ve had."
"Osé [is] something special—and groundbreaking—because it used the latest technology to give women
what they want."
"The vibrators worth buying in 2020."
"A New Frontier for Self-Love—And Sex Toys—in the Time of COVID-19."
"Between things like her forthcoming sex ed show and willingness to publicly discuss her own sex life, there's no question that Cara Delevingne has been using her huge platform to help open up a long-overdue conversation about sex positivity. "
"This award-winning sexy toy brand enhances any sexy moment with a little added stimulation. Lora DiCarlo makes a vibrator for every type of pleasure."
"When sex and technology are reconciled, it is a verifiable revolution."

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