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We are really excited to bring these new products to the market in a whole new way. We are committed to full transparency to our dedicated customers, fans, and followers. We will be posting product order updates for our new product launches below.
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Lora DiCarlo, CEO


Sales Open

Funding Status Update - 06.24.2022: Hello, everyone! We have an exciting update to share about last week’s sales. After sending a Father’s Day email campaign that explained the various benefits of prostate massage and stimulation, we saw a whopping 1000% increase in Curva orders compared to the previous week in June. Thank you so much to everyone who made a purchase — we hope that you (or your partner) love the smooth, sensual stroking sensations as much as we do! This increase in sales helps us move the needle closer towards production while confirming the demand for more inclusive sextech products, designed to reach deep internal erogenous zones. It is too soon to guarantee a shipping date for you all, but just know that we are working tirelessly to get Curva in your hands as soon as possible. Thank you again for supporting our small business, and we hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with all the mind-blowing pleasure you deserve. Make sure you’re signed up to our email program to receive exclusive Curva updates and sexual health content right to your inbox.

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Meet Our Engineers + A sneak peak of Curva


Video Transcript: Let's Meet Our Engineers!

Q: Who are you, and what is your role at Lora DiCarlo?
Mazie: Hi, I'm Mazie. I am the Engineering Lab Technician. I do all the prototype builds, physical and hands-on fun things, molds.
Blake: Hi, I am Blake. I am the Mechanical Engineer, Chill Scientist, and Engineering Manager, I do a lot of cadding. We work closely together on designing. I am working with user testers getting all the products ready for market.

Q: How Long have you been designing and creating Curva?
Blake: We've been working on Curva for like a year and a half now, I think.
Mazie: Yeah, about two years of solid prototyping.

Q: Why did you create Curva?
Blake: A lot of people that we asked, they didn't actually have a lot of familiarity with their G-Spot. And so this was a great opportunity to create an exploration product.

Q: How is Curva different from other pleasure products?
Mazie: We've done quite a bit of work to get the shape into what it is. It allows the user to apply leverage into your g-spot or p-spot.
Blake: Another cool thing about the Curva, versus other products on the market is that it both a massager and vibrator and we've spent a lot of time getting both of those functions as close to the tip as possible.

Q: Did you incorporate customer feedback into the new design?
Blake: So, one of piece of feedback we've gotten from multiple products is that it's hard for people with arthritis to use just based on the way the handles were shaped. And so we took that into consideration and made this more of a "handle" product.
Mazie: On the sound, getting it to a good sound level and tone, so that it doesn't bring the attention of other people in the house. So let's say you live with roommates or have children, live with your family, that has been a big customer comment/request of people in those situations. The third thing that we were trying to do with Curva was cut back on the amount of plastic and hard edges. All of our original starting line products, Ose, Onda, Baci, they all had solid hard bases with a cap attachment on the top, and so we were able to change it up get rid of the hardlines and make a little more user friendly.

Q: Let's see Curva!
Mazie: Here's Curva! It's 1.5 seconds to turn it on. You have the vibration button on the top and the speed on the back. It has the 7 speed setting as well as 3 pattern settings. The One-touch mode will "home" the g-ball and turn vibe down to speed 1 if it is turned on. And you have the charging ports on the back.

Introducing: Curva


Hi everyone! We have some exciting news to share with you all. Our talented team has been hard at work reading your reviews and customer feedback to create a NEW product that fulfills your desires. Allow us to introduce you to our newest internal stimulator — Curva!

Curva’s smooth strokes will help you reach deep, internal erogenous zones and even deeper states of bliss. With 7 speeds, 3 stroke patterns, and 9 vibration settings, Curva allows for endless exploration. Plus, the ergonomically curved handle puts YOU in the driver seat, as you’ll have full control over the depth, pressure, and position for pinpointed internal stimulation. We cannot wait for you to experience Curva’s “rolling waves of pleasure” for yourself!

Similar to other innovative and disruptive brands like Tesla and Apple, we are self-funding early orders of this new product. That means we need your help to bring it to life. By purchasing Curva at an early stage, not only will you be one of the first in the world to experience this revolutionary pleasure tech, but you’ll also help us bring it to market so that thousands of others can try it too! We appreciate your cooperation in advance as we work on bringing this new piece of technology to the market, sharing it with the world, and delivering it to your door.

We believe that transparency is key, so please continue referring back to this page to stay up-to-date on our presale status. Thank you so much for being a part of the Lora DiCarlo journey! Together, let’s create a world where everyone can celebrate and explore their pleasure.

Lora DiCarlo, CEO