Get to know your body first—warm up and explore by using the clitoral stimulator by itself at different angles over the clitoris. Arousal can help you find and stimulate your G-spot easier, as well as make insertion smoother and more comfortable. DO NOT INSERT OR REMOVE OSÉ WHILE IT IS POWERED ON.

Maximum insertable lenght 

Depending on your G-spot location, Osé may not need to be inserted very far in. Just make sure the stimulator is completely past your vaginal entrance.



Step 1:Find your Osé G- Spot position

With the product powered off, flatten Osé and use lube to insert the G-spot stimulator into your vagina. Turn Osé on and explore the settings to find your G-spot. Turn off before removing.


Find your G-spot first using your fingers, then insert Osé so that the G-spot stimulator is aligned with your G-spot.

Step 2: Find your G-Spot Bend

Place your fingers around Osé at the vaginal entrance and remove. Find the midpoint between where you’ve placed your fingers and where the Clitoral Stimulator and Flexible Body meet, bend at that midpoint over your fingers to bring the G-spot Stimulator closer to the Clitoral Stimulator. This is your insertable length.


Step 3: Find your clitoral blend

Bend the Clitoral Stimulator sharply where it connects to the Flexible Body. This may create a crimp or wrinkle in the silicone which is completely normal. Insert Osé and note the angle needed to make the Clitoral Stimulator press flat against the vulva. Remove and continue to make micro-adjustments until your glans clitoris is inside the Clitoral Mouth. It should create a light seal with the body and feel like a mild suction. Bending Osé in these two places allows you to get the right angle for your body and helps shorten the length so Osé reaches both pleasure points (see diagram below).

  • Clitoral Bend
  • G- Spot Bend
  • Pelvic Angle


Step 4: Adjust each bend as needed

The Flexible Body is flexible at all points and very durable—so bend away! You can make small adjustments. If the Clitoral Stimulator is too close to the belly button, adjust each bend to shorten that length. = Clitoris


Step 5: Fine tune

Squeeze or crimp the Flexible Body together to bring the Clitoral Stimulator and the G-spot Stimulator closer together to increase contact and pressure on each pleasure point. This also helps Osé “hug” the body and become hands-free.





Ready, set, unwrap and charge

  1. Start by taking Osé out of the box.
  2. Osé is protected with shrink wrap. Please open with care and avoid using sharp objects to remove the wrapping. 
  3. Charge your Osé for 1 hour before first use.
  4. Turning it on and off—to turn Osé on and off, press and hold the power button.


Get to know the buttons

Explore how Osé works by changing the settings on the bottom of your device. Play with it. Feel each function with your hands to understand the sensations and to know how much intensity and pressure you may want for each one.



Do not insert or remove Osé while it is powered on

Make sure Osé is completely powered off and the G-spot Massager is fully retracted before insertion and removal.

Use lube

A good, water-based lube can make sexual exploration smoother, more fun, and can enhance the sensations (silicone or oil-based lube can damage the material).

Get to know your body first

Find your G-spot by inserting a finger about 1-3 inches into your vagina and explore by rubbing or stroking over the front wall, using a come-hither motion. When you feel a firmer, slightly rippled texture, you’ve found your G-spot.

Arousal and relaxation are key.

Warm yourself up and get excited before inserting Osé. You can do this by using Osé’s Clitoral Stimulator on its own. Staying relaxed during insertion and removal, and using lube will help you find the best fit and sensations.

Start by finding your unique osé shape

Every body is different and using Osé can be different for each person. Start by taking the time to find your perfect fit. Ose bends to fit you - there are numerous different forms Osé can take for all types of bodies. Check out the videos on loradicarlo.com for some tips and don’t be afraid to bend Osé forward, backward, and side to side - it really is that flexible and durable!