Using Sway Mindfully With Kama

Are you ready to get a little adventurous in bed with our most popular and versatile warming stimulator!?

Our friends at Kama offer a free app with an abundance of sexual wellness practices to improve how you experience love, sex, and intimacy. They offer mindful sex practices for all bodies, regardless of age, sexuality, or gender. Kama's mission is to improve how you experience love, sex, and intimacy.

Kama put together a variety of videos about how you can expand your sexual exploration with Sway, and we couldn't wait to share them with you!

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Enjoy these videos below featuring their founder and sex coach, Chloe and Aaron, as they chat about the various benefits of using Sway with your partner (or yourself).

I. Kama x Lora DiCarlo: Introduction

"By applying vibration to the whole body with .. various pleasure flows.. you are going to be able to explore new parts of your body. "

II. How to bring a sex toy into the bedroom

"The main thing is that you want them to know that this is a supplementary tool that adds both to your own pleasure as well as theirs."

III. Self Pleasure Flow Skills

"This is a great way to prime the system before the sexual experience so you're going into it feeling charged and aroused."

Did you love the videos above as much as we did?

If so, download the FREE Kama app here to get immersed in their sexual wellness content. You will also find their audio meditations under "Vibrator Mindfulness", so you can maximize your orgasmic potential and explore new sensations with Sway!

Download The Kama IOS App